Tuesday, 19 June 2012

All aboard the steam...cream!?

Hi ladies,

So my first proper post is going to be a review of the much raved about Steamcream *Googles whether it should be one word or two*

What they have to say about it:

STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare. Freshly handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream very lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face. The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too.STEAMCREAM is handmade in the UK and Japan with fresh, traceable ingredients. It’s super-moisturising, sinks deep down instantly and revives your skin straight away. It makes your skin simply the best it can be, naturally.Our beautiful, eco-friendly limited edition tins are designed by us but we do also enjoy working with other inspiring designers to spice things up. Grab your favourites before they sell out!

You've got to love the packaging! They can be used as little tins once the cream is finished

What I have to say about it: 

I should probably start off  by saying something about my skin type. I have dry skin. Very dry skin however it is not sensitive. I don't think I have ever really broken out after using any sort of products *touch wood*. As a result of the dryness I'm always on the lookout for something moisturising to avoid those pesky flakey bits (Attractive I hear you say).

(Grrrrr darn you, you little blob)

SteamCream is a luxurious feeling moisturiser. I have never used it elsewhere other than my face but the whipped texture soaks right in leaving my face ready for whatever I wish to throw at it, which on most days is nothing. On the rare occasions I actually wear make up (Yes I can see the irony here) I use some SteamCream to prep my skin to ensure any foundation doesn't look cakey.  I wouldn't use it on days where I'm not wearing make up as it is too much for that.

(I have no idea why I swatched the cream. It seems to be the done thing on blogs and I'm not one to break the rules)

I recently applied the moisturiser with nothing else on top and my cousin commented on how dewy my cheeks looked and asked what I had on my face. From that I can only gather that the cream provides my skin with a bit of luminosity, although I wouldn't get ahead of yourself, it's not about to rival MAC strobe cream any time soon.

The only drawbacks I have with the cream are:
  1.  It is expensive - After all the hype and award winning, the cream has increased from £10 to the somewhat hefty price of £13. I am as frugal as they come and that is too much for me to spend on moisturiser. A huge jump up from the simple moisturiser I've been using for years. Luckily I got these tins in a swap and although they last for ages (I'm still using the sample size I got in the beautylishious bag) I highly  doubt I would pay full price for these. If you usually pay this much for a moisturiser however and have dry skin, I'd recommend you give it a go.
  2. The scent - I am not a fan of lavender scented products and this cream strongly smells of lavender. Once I've applied it there is no issue but that initial whiff isn't the best. Those with sensitive skin may have an issue with the heavy scent.


I love SteamCream and for me it is worth the hype. It works fabulously well with my dry skin and as a result I believe it may just be a tad too moisturising for those with oily skin (feel free to comment if you feel otherwise). Having said that, it is quite expensive and so i'll be using these tins as sparingly as I can.

Hope you found this useful ladies.

Till next time *still hasn't thought of a catchphrase* Bye!?


  1. If you are going to be a proper blogger you have to swatch everything! LOL

    I reviewed Steam Cream last year and thought it was overpriced and overhyped but I guess it works a lot of other people. The tins are always cute but not enough to make me buy it.

    Great start for your beauty blog! :D

    1. LOL I have my swatching finger at the ready don't you worry! ;)

      It definitely is overpriced and because of that I'm not sure I'll repurchase it but whilst I still have some stock i'm loving it (although sparingly).

      Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Great review! I'm kind of on the fence when it comes to STEAMCREAM - I quite like it but not sure why everyone raves about it. I'm enjoying using the tin I've got but I wouldn't re-purchase. Looking forward to your next post x

    1. I would never pay the price to purchase it however it is amazing when I want to do a full face of make up. Usually no matter how much I moisturise once the foundation goes on there's a few flakey bits. I don't think I'd be as excited by it if my skin wasn't as dry though. Thanks Sandra :)x

  3. I like Steamcream but I also like Nivea soft which is about 3 times the size and less than half the price so it makes Steamcream very expensive just for the tin which I love. I have 3 of these from various beauty boxes so they will keep me going for quite a while.
    Love the blog and look forward to your next one :) xx

    1. Oh Karen I love my nivea moisturiser too!It's my every day moisturiser and has taken over my simple one which I used for years! I realised via this blog that I see the Steamcream as more of a primer seeing as I only wear it under foundation. Thanks for the comment :) x

  4. Mez would this work for me?

    1. Hi!Don't think it would tbh because of your skin type but I have loads so remind me to give you some x


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