Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My teeny tiny MAC lipstick collection

Hi ladies

Here is my MAC lipstick collection, none of which I bought I should add. I originally got a set of 3 in a MAC to go collection as a present but only Plumful remains from that set. This will be a very photo heavy post.  Luckily I only have 3 MAC lipsticks, I couldn't imagine doing this for 20!I'll try not to ramble too much so off we go..

From left to right, Russian Red, 3-d and plumful

As you can see I have Russian Red, 3-D and Plumful. 

Russian Red - Matte

Although this can be drying as it is a Matte finish I pop on a bit of ELF lip balm underneath and the oily texture of that sorts the problem right out! I don't really wear bright colours but if ever I need a red lippie I have this to turn too.

3-D - Frost

I received this in a swap from the lovely Nardine from lipsticknhandbags who is an uber generous lady!If you have ever done a swap with her or even seen her amazing surprise boxes you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway back to the lipstick,  3-D is a frost finish which isn't my favourite formula but it is a nice colour once applied. It isn't as pigmented as the other colours and the picture shows it a bit darker than it is in reality. It doesn't come out as it does in the bullet and is very different to anything else I own.

Plumful - Lustre

I saved my best till last. I absolutely love plumful! I have found that purple based lippies look good on my skin tone but I am sure this would love look lovely on most people. It is a lustre finish which means it is very moisturising but isn't the most pigmented so it takes a few swipes to get this colour.

So that's it, my 3 MAC lipsticks. I previously had Pretty Please and Hug me from the MAC to go collection but unfortunately both were too pale for my skin tone.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time...Toodles! :) x


  1. love ur collection :) plumful is a really cute colour might need that for my collection :)

    1. LOL how weird I edited the post to rave about you a little bit and then noticed a comment and it was you! I love plumful it's beautiful :)

  2. I only have one Mac lipstick, but may have to get another as I love Plumful :) xx

    1. Plumful is seriously so beautiful. I'm not sure my photos do it justice Karen! You can do one swipe which on your skintone would probably show up nicely. I like to layer it to build up the colour x

  3. everyone should try MACs velvet teddy. I swear by it! Me and my sister have got through sooo many of them. Mez do a review so everyone believes me!

    1. haha I agree, it looks lovely and natural on you two!I'll borrow it for a review and compare it to that lip colour I had on when you came to my house that time and asked if it was velvet teddy ;)


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