Friday, 13 July 2012

Maybelline BB cream - review + before & after photos

Hi ladies

Sooo...I won't patronise you by discussing what a BB cream is. Everyone and their lawnmower knows what that is by now and the UK market has recently seen lots of new BB arrivals. I have the garnier one too which I can also review but I'm guessing that's overdone now seeing as they have released a newer version? Today I'll be trying out the Maybelline sachet I got in the post. I love that blogging has got me to use up these sachets I get in the post whereas before I'd just pop them as extra's into swaps.

I have no idea where I got this sachet from (probably something on FB) and it came through the letter box this morning. The shade came in 'light' which is definitely too light for me but I gave it a go anyway. The card informs me it comes in '4 fresh tones' and I'm sure a few shades darker would match me well.

What they say...

Your 8-in-1 skin perfector
  1. Imperfections look blurred
  2. A natural looking glow
  3. Fresh feel
  4. Compliments skin tone
  5. Skin looks smooth
  6. Hydrates
  7. Protects with SPF 30
  8. Oil-free, non-greasy

What I say...

Ignoring the is waaaay too light for me, I actually like the product. In the picture above I have only applied the BB cream to one side (and I'm hoping you can guess which one). It has light coverage as is expected from these imitation BB creams (not that I've ever used a korean BB cream). The texture of it is great! It doesn't have an oily feeling to it whilst remaining moisturising on my dry skin.

Although SPF 30 is great for sun protection it results in horrendous flashback and there was a significant white cast when I used flash to take a photo.

In the picture below, I can see the 'fresh faced' look Maybelline describes. It is in no way a 'perfector' as you can see my blemishes through it but it is perfect for a day to day, no fuss application. Even with dry skin, I found no caking and I used a whole sachet.


I liked it. It gives a fresh look to the face and is really smooth and easy to apply so a thumbs up!

Which is your favourite BB cream ladies?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I like the Sanctuary's BB cream! Makes me look quite radiant!

  2. My mum brought this and i 'borrowed' it but i think because i have an oily T-Zone it just made my T-Zone look more oilier but i noticed when i used a powder over it, it did help but i'm still on the hunt for a good BB cream, because at the moment i have GARNIER'S bb cream which is good but i'm still looking for the perfect one for my skin x

    1. Maybe you could look into the Korean brands?


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