Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My 50% off ELF swag - swatches + reviews

Hi ladies

I haven't blogged in a few days as I've been away from home and am yet to explore blogging on my phone. Anyway recently I got my goodies from the fantastic 50% offer! Here's the goodies...

I made a joint order so lots of this belongs to my friend. Below are the things I bought myself

Mineral moisturising lip tint SPF 8 - £3.50

This is more moisturising and tinted than I expected (I clearly had no faith in the product name). It actually showed up on my pigmented lips and is a nice natural colour.

Lipsticks in seductive and voodoo - £1.50

Absolutely shocked by how much I like these!The lighter shade is seductive and the darker one is voodoo. I couldn't get voodoo to show up as dark as it truly is annoyingly but I sense it becoming a fave! I was always hesitant to get these as reviews say they are quite drying but I always use balm under lippies so never noticed any drying. I have to admit though one snapped straight after I swatched it but I'm sure I can stick it back together.

Glossy gloss in sweet salmon - £3.75

This is a fairly nice gloss, it isn't hugely pigmented on my lips and the wand isn't my favourite but it um does the job I guess.

Mineral lipstick in Bare Brown - £5

Firstly, can I just say...WOAH! When did this jump from £3.50 to £5!?! This is my mum's favourite lippie so it's just a repurchase but it's nice and moisturising.

Studio Lip Lock pencil

I haven't heard much about this so I'll do a separate review once I've given it a proper test run.

Primer eyeshadow in sexy silver (Oooo errrr) - £2.50

Something else I've not heard much about. I was pleasantly surprised but will do another post on how well it wears (Apologies for the haphazard application).

Eyebrow treat and tame in dark - £3.75 

I actually really like this! On the left are my unruly brows and on the right the treat & tame has worked it's magic! It lightens my almost dark brows to a more brown shade but it isn't too noticeable. The dry formula and mascara wand are also much quicker than applying shadow/pencil to fill in brows. Big fan!


Another fantastic ELF purchase! I'm glad I finally bought a few things I was umm'ing and aah'ing over. 

Did you buy anything with the discount code ladies?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Love the look of the eyebrow treat and tame and the lip lock pencil :) Can't wait to see your review x

    1. Ooh if there's interest in it will definitely get on with it asap! Haven't seen much mention of it before. As for treat and tame I really like it! thanks for commenting :)

  2. I got a load of goodies too!

    1. Any particular stand out products Jo? :)

  3. I'm loving all the products you picked up. I'm so happy that they decided to bring back the 50% discount :)

    1. So am I! I remember when they said they won't be doing it again so was a nice surprise that they did. thank you for taking a look at my blog and commenting Christine :)

  4. Hello, you already know what I bought as I'm the joint order friend but you know i like being involved in everything! I love the berry merry studio blush, love the complexion and blush studio brushes (haven't tried the angled foundation brush yet), I quite like the warm bronzer and was really disappointed with the gunmetal eyeliner (no pigment at all)!!
    Also Nazia lovesss the mineral brushes, she said they are super duper soft!

    1. Glad I converted you to the way of the ELFettes SS :)

  5. Nice Haul! A good bunch of products!
    I also took advantage of their 50% off sale :) Bargain.
    Came across your blog. Will start following.
    Feel free to check my blog out.

    1. Hi Lily, I already follow you :) x


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