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My humongous ELF collection - review and swatches!

Hi ladies

Today as the title suggests I'll be showing you and reviewing/swatching my ELF collection. My friend Subah has just discovered ELF and is going to make an order so I thought this was the perfect way to show her what I have (thanks for the support yaar).

I should start by saying (as friends know all too well) I have quite the soft spot for ELF or EyesLipsFace. I've recommended and ordered on behalf of plenty of friends and was referred to as 'ELF lady' for a while (a play on 'Avon lady').  I had even more than this but I swapped a lot of it away on BBS. I was shocked how much ELF I had tucked away in my collection here, there and everywhere. I went a bit crazy last year with ELF orders as it's so inexpensive and I think that's what cemented my make up addiction.  I haven't made an order in AGES and there is so many new things on the site that I want to try!

A side note - the ELF facebook fan page is amazing!They always have discount codes when the fan numbers reach the next milestone. I'm also a fan of the Distribeauty and Beauty Baron pages. There are always ELF fans on the page that are willing to help and give their advice about products they recommend. I think it's always important to check reviews before ordering from ELF as some items are hit & miss and as it's online you can't try them out before. Anyway enough rambling, on we go...

Things just kept popping out from all the different area's of my room. Flabbergasted at the amount!

As you can see I've split it up into brushes/cheeks/lip products/ face products and finally eyes.

To avoid this getting really long, from this group I recommend:

  • Eyebrow kit - does the job well.
  • Curlers - they do an amazing job
  • Cream liner - inexpensive alternative to the rest on the market
  • Mineral eye primer - lots of people have compared this to the UDPP, I may do a post comparing the 2
  • The tweezers - I've never had a high end tweezer to compare it to but it does the job perfectly

Both the golden bronzer and the studio blush in Peachy Keen are great. All very shimmery so they don't get much use but I use the lightest shade from the quad as a highlighter. I have had the matte bronzer and blush from the £1.50 range which I have since given away.

I like all of the lip products I have. As I have mentioned in my lip balm post I love the elf lip balm. The glosses as you can see above are fairly pigmented which I really like however they can be a bit sticky. I also have the mineral lipstick in bare brown (not pictured above) which is really moisturising and pigmented.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MINERAL BOOSTER (yes to the extent that only caps lock would convey my love). This is a bold statement but I sold my MAC MSF natural because I preferred this and the MAC was sat in my drawer. Put on top of the MAC face & body, this is the most gorgeous pairing on camera.

  • The ELF mineral primer is also perfect for my dry skin. I really thing it would be too oily for oilier skins but it helps avoid any flakiness on my dry skin.
  • My mum is a fan of the foundation but uses the shade lighter than almond (pictured above) which is caramel. The foundation comes with a pump which isn't bad considering the price.
  • The concealer and highlighter duo is OK, nothing too rave about but it isn't thick so is easy to blend.
  • I like the mineral foundation, I just dust a bit on my face with the kabuki brush instead of building it up which could look quite cakey.
  • I also have the studio concealer (which I forgot to add in the photo) - Mine broke really quickly so I haven't given it a fair go but I find it quite drying on my dry skin.

This is the 100 piece limited edition Xmas palette. There's plenty of colours with some being more pigmented than others but I find the ELF shadows to be quite chalky.

I LOVE the ELF studio brushes. I didn't realise I had so many. I recommend them to anyone who asks what to get from ELF for their first order. The notable ones I recommend:
  • Studio powder brush - there are plenty of reviews for this online. People use it to buff in liquid foundation as it is very dense.
  • Kabuki brush - this is SO soft!
  • Studio 'C' brush - perfect to pack on and blend harsh colours
I'm not a big fan of the stippling brush myself. Other than the eye shadow and blending eye brush there's not many I'd recommend from the normal range.


Phewwwwwwwwww and that is my ELF round up. In summary I reaaallly really like ELF! You just have to make sure you review items before buying anything.

I am going to make an order to get some of the new things. What do you recommend ladies?

Till next time...Toodles! x


  1. Like the look of the ip balms. :) I've never tried elf before, actually...

    1. Ooh my only advice is REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW before you order. I know it's not a great loss if they don't work for you but dud products can be avoided. I can refer you if you wish to make an order?I believe they've started a referral system x

  2. I GOT A MENTION! I AM SOOO TWEETING THIS! Thanks Beanie! I didn't really absorb anything you wrote because I was busy being excited about my mention but never mind cos you already edited my ELF wishlist (thanks!). I can't remember if I added the studio powder brush to my wishlist, but I want that so I can apply my liquid foundation with it! Anyway will you send me back the edited wishlist please? Cheers! Kisses!!!

  3. check out my blog; :)

    i have elf hauls, collection post and some reviews on elf products:)

    1. Hi Molly, nice blog. I'm following you now. Hope you liked my blog too :) x


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