Wednesday, 15 August 2012

What's in my Betrousse 'Summer Break' box!

Hi ladies

This morning I received the 'Summer break' box by Betrousse which I was sent by the company. Betrousse is the latest beauty box to hit the UK market however, they come with a difference. I personally haven't subscribed to a beauty box in a long time because I believe the frustration and anger that ensues on a monthly basis with all the blunders just isn't something I want to pay for. I'm part of an online beauty community where the majority of ladies sign up to the many boxes available and every month when people get their box (IF they get their box - different matter altogether) there is so much anger about the shambolic box they've received that month (with a smattering of people raving about the 'Good box' - again another topic altogether). You can see I have a lot to say about beauty boxes but I've had a post in my drafts for weeks now which I'll post soon.

BEAUTY BOX RANT OVER - Betrousse is a different concept altogether. You know exactly what it is you're buying so there is no shock factor come unpacking day. Plus there aren't tiny sachets of products which you get the joy of trying on half of your face - everything is full size. I genuinely believe that Betrousse is the way forward provided they continue to get full size products and a good mix of themes.

This box contains £109 worth of products and you can buy it for £19 (excluding postage which is £5) here. They also have plenty of other themed boxes if the contents of this one don't tickle your pickle. So let's see what is in the 'Summer box'..

The box is a lot bigger than the other beauty boxes because the products are also a lot bigger. It's also why delivery is more than the standard £2.95. It's the standard black and pink packaging and the box has an almost shoebox like feel to it so not as fancy as the others.

So this is what I received.  I like the menu style card that tells you what each product is, the size and how much it costs to buy.

Lilas blanc secret eclat jeunesse- 50ml - £36.50

This is meant to be the star of the box I assume at a whopping £36.50. It is an anti wrinkle cream that is 99.3% natural. It comes in a nice glass jar and has a nice 'inoffensive' scent. It looks like it would work well for dry skin as it seems nourishing packed with shea butter and jojoba oil. I assume the price tag is due to the anti wrinkle element and I obviously cannot comment on that just yet.

Orhis nourishing face cream - 50ml - £28

This face cream is 99.1% natural, free from parabens/silicones/alcohol and is not tested on animals. We're off to a good start here. The packaging inside the box unfortunately is quite cheap looking but it contains cottonseed and argan oil, so as we were all taught (I should hope) it's what is on the inside that counts.

Cinq mondes roses petal rain mist - 200ml - £28

Now I have to be honest, the above 2 products seem nice and are expensive which is all great but I'm not hugely into anti wrinkle creams and skincare type products. This mist however is very interesting! It's used to refresh and moisturise the skin and as this is a summer box I assume would be a perfect accompaniment to some pool side chilling. I dislike rose scented products but a quick spritz of this and I'm relieved to say it's not a heavy rose scent.

Cosmetoo nails Nail art kit express - £3.90

Now the product price drops drastically. I'm not a nail person at all and a bag of rhinestones and a pack of bow stickers just don't do it for me. However, the beauty of Betrousse is that you would know this BEFORE ordering so can decide for yourself.

Benta berry G1 moisturising face cream - 30ml - £12

I haven't heard of a cream for young skin before but that's exactly what the card tells me. It is made from 100% natural active ingredients and melts into the skin nicely. It claims to purify, mattify, sooth and balance. Apparently the subtle fragrance is designed by a famous perfumer but by this point I have so many products on my skin I can't tell one from the other (clearly a professional beauty blogger).

There was also a little sachet of shower gel as an extra.


I have to be honest and say I don't see why this is necessarily a summer box other than the rose spray. All this creams would lead me to believe it is a winter box but maybe I'm just missing the link? Even before I was told I'd be sent a box I was excited by the idea of Betrousse because if you couldn't tell by the rant above I'm sick of other boxes sending out poor quality boxes. Despite being more expensive than other boxes the USP here is you won't be in for a shock and you get full size products. FAB! Having said that £24 every month might be a bit expensive for most but it certainly is great as a little treat when a particular box takes your fancy.

Which is your favourite beauty box?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I like the look of these boxes and since I have cancelled Glossy box and Jolie box, I may well sign up and get this instead.
    All of the products look amazing and it's great they are all full size.
    Thanks Mez for another entertaining blog which again "tickled my pickle" lol ;P x

    1. If you like this box Karen you can still order it I believe? Always glad to do some tickling for my readers ;) x

  2. Salaams Mez

    I think this box looks great...I am going to order it for myself if its still available on thier site. I do like that with this company you can see what you are getting before shelling out for it like you do with the "surprise" mystery boxes that end up being a let down or you see blog posts on others getting better items than you in them!

    I will let you know what I think of the products if I end up ordering this :-)

    Grace (allthatslap) xx

    1. Wsalaam Grace. Like I said on fb glad you're ordering. I like to think this post had a part to play with that so I'm very happy. Be sure to let me know what you think :) x

  3. I love the idea that you know what you get in the box, because that's the main reason I don't order any of the other Beauty Boxes because you don't know what to expect in them. Great blog post!

    1. Aw thanks a bunch Mary! Yeah it really is a good idea as with other boxes a surprise turns into a shock!Not good.

  4. I think this looks a great box and I love rose scents so I'd love the mist. x

    1. The mist is the best item for me :)

  5. Hello, I finally understand this beauty box concept. I would invest in one of these but I am saving up for a pair of Steve Madden spiked pumps FYI so will have to pass! Ok enough of me giving you pointless information, I am off to make "umrah mabrook" fondant peices. Cakey bakey!


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