Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain - swatches

Hi ladies

Yoohooo is anyone there? It's been over a week since I last blogged and how I have missed it. I spent the week up north for a family wedding so there will be a 'what was in my travel bag' post coming soon.

Revlon has been releasing some very hyped lip products in recent times. I have two lip butters but I feel it's way too late to blog about them now so the balm stains it is. These are available from the High street for £7.99.

I have 2 colours in Darling Cherie 010 which is the lilac colour and Crush Beguin which is the dark berry type colour.

I got this as a birthday present and it's not a colour I'd normally go for as it's very light and I tend to go for darker colours as I feel they suit my skintone better. However, I feel layered up I could make it work. The bottom 2 photos are around 2/3 hours later as you can see the gloss and colour has worn away a little. This is more of a lilac colour than the pink you can see.

This was another birthday present. This vibrant colour is more what I go for myself but unfortunately I couldn't get the colour to capture accurately (bit pointless I know). It's darker and more on the plum side as opposed to the pink that is shown here. I feel the gloss makes my lips look even bigger than they are so I prefer to blot away the gloss and use it as a stain.

I have tried on 'Honey' in Superdrug and was surprised that it showed up on my skin so that's an option for medium skintones for a natural look.


In short, the darker colour stains the lip for quite a few hours and wears away quite nicely. I find high street stains very drying so I'm glad there's a good option now. 

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Hi! I love your blog and we nominated you for The Sunshine Awards, to follow the blog, have a look at the post on my blog:

  2. The colours look very pretty :)
    Colours that I would wear. Nice post! x

  3. Mez! Your lips! Phwoar!!!! Glad to have you back son!

  4. Welcome back, girl!! :)
    I have one of these in Honey and I really like it... I want Darling too but I never use lilac shades as they make me look like a zombie... shame as I'd like to.
    I think they both look great on you!! xxx

    1. Aww shucks! Thanks Alex :) I tried Honey in the shop and really liked it x

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  6. I was wondering where you'd got to! I missed you :D

    I prefer the dark berry colour, the pink one is too girly but then again I'm not a girly girl !

    1. Awww so sweet Annabella! :)

      Yes the darker colour is more my thing too x


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