Thursday, 29 November 2012

What's in the box under my bed...

Hi ladies

Quite a spooky title we've got going on eh? In fact there are lots of boxes under my bed (naughty) but there's one in particular I want to go through with you today. Almost 2 years ago Superdrug ran this awesome series of skincare offers on their website (around christmas time I believe) and I stocked up on lots of body scrubs, lotions and exfoliators. I collected it all in a box under my bed, plus a few other products that are still in the 'to be used' queue. Bit of a random post but when I was having a long soak the other day I went through it's contents and replenished by bathroom shelf. I also use this box to restock the shelf in my cupboard which I use on a day to day basis (I've added a photo of this at the bottom).

This is quite possibly the single most fascinating photo you have ever seen on my blog. A box and a bed.

The contents of the box

So here are the contents:

Top - Cotton pads
Kleenex - These are like really big cottons pads which I use with my cleansing water when I have to cleanse my whole face. If it's just an eye look I use the normal superdrug brand cotton pads.

Top left - shampoo and conditioner
I use T-gel to keep my hideous dandruff under control and the 3 minute miracle to condition it. Both are products I would thoroughly recommend. However, at the moment I'm trialling AreaH20 products.

Top right - hair products
I very very rarely style my hair or put any heat on it. I bought L'oreal mousse and hairspray last year for my cousins Mehndi and it left my hair feeling sleek without the heat induced frizz. The Mark Hill heat protection spray I received with my blow dryer years ago but like I said I never use any of these products.

Bottom left - St Ives exfoliators
I have always gotten along well with the exfoliators from this brand. I have finished all my current ones so it's time to take one of these out. I love opening new products!

Middle - Ooh la spa range
I actually really like this range. The body scrub from this range was awesome! It all smells gorgeous and comes in bright orange packaging. I am currently using the no7 body oil spray when I'm too lazy to rub in body lotion so when that's finished I'll use the Ooh la la one. I went into Superdrug very recently and for some reason the Ooh la spa stuff was dirt cheap, so I thoroughly recommend you go and check the range out. My love for scrubs overshadows my body washes so I still have the Ooh la spa and FCUK ones to get through.

Body lotions
I've got a back up of good old e45 and the Garnier intensive 7 days. The ones I currently use are nearly coming to an end. I like the scent of the FCUK whipped body cream but I don't really like rubbing in body butters so it's been put in the box for now. The I love...product smells nice but bright pink cream isn't the most sophisticated thing to apply and again it isn't the best texture to rub in easily.

Here is my day to day shelf. On the left hand side I have my body lotions/oils, Rituals shower foams which are awesome and the weleda deodorant I reviewed earlier. On the right hand side I have mini make up removers & Toners. Behind that I have a collection of body mists which I prefer using daily instead of using up perfumes.

This didn't quite turn out as fascinating a post as I had imagined in my head but it was a chance to talk about a few random things I wouldn't have mentioned otherwise. Maybe I'll win an award for 'Most random beauty post ever' if nothing else? (Be sure to vote for me in these imaginary awards).

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Black & Gold Laser Mani - Guest Post.

Hi ladies

I have yet another nail post for you today - which can only mean one thing. Let's say it together now - Guest post! Well not really a typical guest post in that she's not a fellow blogger but instead a nail prettifying obsessed friend. Throughout our years together in education she came into class with painted nails and as soon as I began this blog I was sure to let her know any pictures would be welcome! ;)


Hello, so this is known as a laser mani in the nail blogging world.  I love the way it looks, the contrast of black and gold is quite elegant in my opinion. I used H&M Golden Treasure as a base, I let it dry overnight (just because I could) but you can speed up the process by using a dry fast top coat.

The next step is to arrange the striping tape on your nails. Your base colour needs to be absolutely dry before you do this, otherwise the striping tape will pull off the polish underneath!  How you arrange the striping tape on your nails is completely up to you. I can be quite pedantic and knew if I went for a particular design (my first thought was diagonal stripes) and they didn't all look fairly identical I would be annoyed so I went with random lines. 

I used Barry M Black to paint over the striping tape. I did a nail at a time, pulling off the tape while the black polish was still wet. This gives a much cleaner line than allowing the top polish to dry before removing the tape. Give the top layer of polish a decent amount of time to dry before adding top coat, you don't want to ruin all that hard work by smudging those crisp lines!

Tip: Try to choose a one coater polish for the top. The formula of the Barry M was a little thin and aside from having to do two coats, it had a tendency to flood my cuticles when I wasn't being as careful as I ought. The problem with this is that when you remove the striping tape, the polish might bleed into the clean lines you've just created. 

Hope you like the nails and a big thanks to Mez for allowing me to show them off!


I'm sure you'll all agree, this is a gorgeous Mani. Big thanks to my lovely friend for this post and maybe just maybe if you compliment her enough in the comments, she'll do another look for us? ;)

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Shopping Shenanigans - Foundation samples, fake snow & festivity.

Hi ladies

Today I thought I'd do a little catch up post. No collections, no reviews and no swatches. On Saturday I went to Oxford Street. I had been meaning to buy something from Selfridges with my giftcard and thought I would take advantage of their 10% discount. When I got out of Bond Street station I was greeted with snow! There was excitement all around me and these 2 ladies were shocked and about to share the news on some form of social media (the natural reaction to seeing snow nowadays) until I had to burst their bubble and inform them it was fake! Pretty and fun, but fake.

The atmosphere on Saturday was great! Christmas songs in the shops, lots of hustle and bustle with Selfridges being busier than I had ever seen and lots of shoppers singing along, captivated by the festive spirit. It's rare that I go shopping by myself but I really enjoyed it! I was able to go round and take my time (admiring lots of make up obviously).

Here is my little purchase, which no doubt I will be reviewing soon - any guesses as to what it is?

This was my other little purchase - I disgustingly bite my nails - I have done so for a long long time! I know it's disgusting, I know I might as well just lick a toilet seat (Why I would do that, I have no idea) but I just can't help it. The more I've gotten into the beauty world, the more I have realised how nail obsessed people are. I only own one nail polish which I received over on BBS and until now it really hasn't bothered me how unattractive my nails are. If anything, it's one less thing to spend money on! However, I want to try and defeat the habit and grow my nails. I picked up the Sally Hansen maximum growth daily nail treatment to aid me on this journey. It was on offer in Superdrug for £3.75 so I can't really go wrong. I am keeping a nail photo diary so I can do a blog post showing you the results. Have you tried this before?

Lastly, as I was on my own, I found I wasn't rushed so I grabbed a few foundation samples. Like plenty of others, I get really embarrassed and nervous asking for samples. I feel I can only ask when I've made a purchase but yesterday I braved it and managed to come away with three samples! Yippeeee :) The only place I was rejected a sample was Urban Decay. I swatched the Naked foundation on my hand though and I was impressed.

  • The Estee Lauder sample was easy to ask for because I made a purchase there. I tried out the invisible fluid as I've heard good things about it recently. I thought it could be something to compare the MAC face and body too so potential post there. 
  • I then went to the Armani counter where there was a sign up about getting a sample of their latest foundation, the Maestro foundation. I asked the assistant to match me but before doing so I asked whether it would be good for dry skin and she said no. Instead I came away with a sample of the Luminous Silk foundation. I gave it a whirl that evening as I went out for dinner. I liked it although it gave quite a lot of flashback which is a big no no for me. 
  • Lastly, I stopped by the Lancome counter and asked which foundation was best for dry skin and she matched me to the Teint Miracle.

So, that's that - hope you enjoyed this somewhat random post. I feel like I haven't blogged in a while so wanted to have a little catch up (in live time so to speak). For those celebrating, how is your Christmas shopping going?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

EDIT: I had quite a few products on my face in hindsight (from trying things on whilst shopping) so it might not have been the Armani foundation that caused the flashback.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Superdrug HC Cleanser V Boots Cold Cream - Battle!

Hi ladies

Welcome to the battle of the cream cleansers! Creamy cleansers are great for my dry skin and it's not a secret that I love the Superdrug brand Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser. I've recommended it to family and friends as well as other beauty bloggers and I've yet to hear a bad word in response. My one is coming to an end so I decided to look at other inexpensive alternatives and the lovely Steph had good things to say about the Boots cold cream when we were discussing it on twitter and on her blog. The superdrug one is £5.99 and comes with a muslin cloth (I bought it for half price) whereas the Boots one is £2.42, both consisting of 200ml.

As you can see the retro looking Boots cold cream comes in a jar, which isn't the most hygienic of methods (this just seems the blogger thing to say about jars) whereas the HCC comes in squeezy packaging. I am going to cut this up soon so I can use up the last precious bits resting inside.

The cold cream doesn't have much of a scent which is good for those in the unscented camp whereas the HCC has a gorgeous almond scent.

On the left is a bit of the Boots cold cream which is more whipped in texture whereas the HCC is thicker and more 'solid'.

Erm, I have no words for this and no shame - clearly.

Your Left - Superdrug HCC
Your Right - Boots

  • As you can see in the picture above, the HCC eye looks cleaner. 
  • I found the Cold Cream irritated my eyes a little which I have never experienced with the HCC.
  • The cold cream left a very oily residue on my skin.


The Superdrug Hot Cloth Cleanser wins on all fronts! I have reviewed this before so I won't go into more detail but I knew deep down I should never have strayed away from my love. The cold cream is cheap as chips and does the job too but I wouldn't repurchase.

Soon I will have a Superdrug Hot cloth cleanser V Liz Earle cleanse & polish showdown for you but to be honest the latter will have to do absolute wonders to win that battle. Not that I'm biased or anything of course.

What is your favourite product for removing make up?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Elegant Touch nail wraps - Guest Post.

Hi ladies

Today we have a second guest post from my lovely friend over at fashionablycoveredup. At #LiveBloggers we received Elegant Touch nail wraps and as I don't do nails in the slightest I thought it wise to pass them over to someone who can use and review them for you. These wraps can be found in Superdrug, Tesco and online store Very retailing between £6-8. Some designs are currently on the Superdrug website for £5.49 (saving you £1.49 if you're interested). Onto the review we go...


Hi again everyone! So this is my second post on Mez's blog (gracias Beanie!) and this time I'm actually doing something relevant. Mez doesn't really do anything with her nails so she asked me to review some nail wraps she was given at a Beauty Blogger's event.  I've been wanting to try out nail wraps for quite a while but the price tags made me pass so I was really excited when Mez gave me these to try. 

The packet tells you to apply a base coat, select the correct size sticker and apply it to your nail. You are then meant to file the extra piece off at the top (with the handy nail file provided-in that goes to my emergency handbag kit!). I applied a layer of top coat to the wraps and waited for them to dry. So far so good.

Here's a photo of the finished nails:
Wraps in Envy.

I was very pleased with the professional finish of them and all ready to brag to Mez about it until I went to tie my hair up. My nails (or rather the wraps) caught in my hair. So I took a closer look and realised that the tips were already chipped! Now I must take a moment here to explain how much I HATE chipped nails (it looks filthy). Not impressed. No siree.

I decided for experiment's sake to leave them on for the full five days that they are meant to last (I will apologise here for not keeping a photo diary) and apart from the initial chips on the tips of a few of my nails the nails were quite versatile! Taking them off was a simple and fun peel process.

                       Please excuse me, even my nail poses are strange.

REPURCHASE: The jury (residing in my brain) is still out. The chips and price put me off but if they were being sold cheaper than their retail price I may just buy for convenience' sake!

Thanks y'all for reading my post-don't forget to check out my blog!

Fashionably Covered Up

Thank you for the review bud! Hope you ladies liked it and don't forget to swing by Fashionably Covered Up after you finish here.

This is the other design we received - bling.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hollywood Glamour...Well sort of!?

Hi ladies

So earlier this week for Aqeela's weekly make up tag, I transformed myself from Plain Jane to show stopping, red carpet hollywood glamour queen. Hmmm, well that was the intention. Once I'd finished, I realised it didn't look anything special at all. Just the usual but with red lips. A few of the things I used came from BBS.

MAC ricepaper, shimmery champagne shadow, Lancome hypnose doll eyes mascara, Urban Decay Perversion, MAC paintpot and MAC russian red all came from swaps (not all items are pictured above).

This is what I was meant to use but I ended up giving the lashes a miss (as always I chickened out) and replaced the YSL glossy stain with MAC russian red as I was worried I wouldn't be able to wipe away the pigment from the stain and I was only in the house for the day.

For the Hollywood Glamour theme I decided to go with high coverage and used the No7 Protect and perfect foundation. I didn't use the foundation brush either but went for a damp cosmopolitan sponge to stop it looking like a mask.

I went for quite bold brows, a bright eye with winged liner and lots of mascara. Last but not least the signature red lips which is MAC Russian Red.

I used the Lancome doll eyes mascara to replace the false lashes I was meant to use. On the lid I had a MAC paintpot, a champagne shimmery eyeshadow and Urban decay perversion liner.

I then added the no7 gloss which is featured in my Top 5 glosses post for that extra va va voom. 

I don't think my look really came across as Hollywood Glamour in the end but all the same and although I wasn't going to do a post on it I thought I would share it as my blog has been very review based recently and that's not always very fun. Pop over to Aqeela's blog for a gander at all the other looks. There are some fab ones.

Hope you enjoyed this.

Till next time ...Toodles! :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Maxfactor False Lash Effect review

Hi ladies

So my Maybelline Colossal came to the end of it's life and I've had this mascara sat unopened in my make up drawer for longer than I care to remember. I bought it when Boots had a 2 for £12 offer and finally gave it a go recently. I could really tell the difference between using a fresh mascara and trying to use the final dregs of my maybelline. This is a review of the Maxfactor mascara in black.

It comes in a big purple tube which takes up quite a bit of space compared to other thinner mascara's.

I like that when you take out the wand it doesn't have lots of gunky product on it. I haven't wiped the wand before the picture and as you can see it looks pretty product free which helps application when you're trying to layer it or if you're trying to achieve a natural look.

I'm quite impressed with this picture. I love that you can see each little bristle! I took this off my phone as I do all my photos and edited it. Can you imagine what I'd be like if I had a proper SLR? Le sigh.
As you can see it is quite a fat wand which can take some getting use to if you're more familiar with thinner brushes. Before this I used the colossal which was a mighty big brush so I am quite equipped at using these bigger ones.

Long separated lashes - stark contrast to my short stubby ones.

I always find the lashes on my left eye don't separate as well and sort of clump together. No matter what mascara I use!? I gather this isn't as unusual as I first thought.


I enjoy using this mascara. I bought it when it was on offer but as great as it is I wouldn't spend the full £11.99 on it and would wait for an offer if repurchasing. Having said that, there are lots of cheaper mascara's in the sea shop so I will try something else next time. Any recommendations?

What mascara do you use?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gift idea - No7 Mini Eye palette including an eye look!

Hi ladies

I swatched this No7 Mini Night-time compact palette ages ago with the intention of doing a post but when I couldn't find it on the Boots website I figured it would be pointless. However, recently I was browsing Boots and among all the Christmas goodies I found an almost identical palette priced at £10 and let out a little cheer. It's also on offer with the rest of the 3for2 products across the store.

I received this as a gift otherwise I don't really pick up No7 cosmetics. I'm not quite sure why but I tend to see it as a Boots own brand and bearing that in mind the prices are quite high. At the same time I know the quality is great. 

It comes wrapped perfectly for gifting as you can see but once you take it out of all the packaging the palette itself is very sleek and small. It also comes with a great mirror and little applicators.

A bunch of shimmery blue/green shadows + highlight. I love the imprint on the shadows. How cute?

The last 2 shadows are highly pigmented although as always with high street eyeshadows the lightest highlight shade takes a bit of building up on my skin. The next 2 lighter colours are very shimmery when put all over the lid with not much pigment.I don't really wear green/blue shadows so I'm not sure how much use I will get out of this but it's a small sleek palette to take away with me if I intend to wear these colours.

I know this looks weird but this would look fairly normal with some black liner and lashings of mascara.


If you're on the lookout for gifts approaching the festive season and have a friend who likes their bright shadows, this could be a nice set to give. It comes wrapped nicely and the quality is also decent for the majority of the palette so buy it in the 3for2 and that's one less gift to worry about.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Laura Geller Ethereal Rose/Sateen Subtle Berry blush

Hi ladies

Today I will be reviewing and swatching another blusher I received in a swap over on BBS. It is the only Laura Geller product I own but I have heard about other hyped products such as the Spackle primer and Balance & Brighten. I think Laura Geller products are more popular over in the US than here as they are easier to come by. I believe the only place to buy it in this country is QVC. On to the Ethereal Rose/Sateen Subtle Berry review we go..

Simple sleek black packaging.

As you can see it has a useful mirror in the lid.

The blush is split into two shades, a lighter pink and a more purple based shade covered in silver and white shimmer.

The first swatch is the light pink shade, the middle is the darker shade  and the final swatch is a mixture of both. After swirling the brush in both shades it ends up as a pale pink shimmery shade. If I want to use it as a highlight I concentrate the brush on the lighter side and if I want more colour I focus on the other side. The only problem with all this shimmer is that it emphasises my pores.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

Empties #3 with a mechanical twist!

Hi ladies

So it's time for another Empties post. I've said this before but Empties posts are one of my favourites to read and fingers crossed you enjoy them too. I have quite a few this time so I've bypassed the description for some and lumped a few together.

1. Dove Triple Moisturising Beauty Care Body Wash - £2.25 (currently 2 for £3 in Asda)
This is lovely! It is thick, creamy and smells clean. It leaves my skin feeling soft too so all in all it does a fantastic job. It was a welcome addition to the bathroom shelf.
Repurchase? I have lots of body washes to use so probably not just yet.

2. Palmolive Bergamot & Verbena handwash - £2 (currently half price in Tesco).
I fully understand this is quite a weird addition. Bloggers probably finish handwash all the time but don't feel the need to showcase it. However, I was really impressed by this. It smells gorgeous, looks quite cool and leaves my hands clean.
Repurchase? Handwash is the parents department. I'll have to ask them.

3. Exfoliators x4 - St Ives, Tesco & No7.
Other than the Tesco clean skin face scrub, I enjoyed using them all. The Tesco one was quite rough on the skin and is definitely not for the sensitive. The St Ives heated one I have raved about before on my blog & is definitely worth a go for those looking for a new scrub. The mini No7 did it's job and the St Ives Apricot Scrub was fantastic! I used it on my face and body and it did a great job of 'getting in there'.
Repurchase? I have a few to get through yet but I would go back to either of the St Ives products.

4. Skittles Strawberry candle - £1
This smells yummy and fruity. Great find in the £1 shop.
Repuchase? Yes.

5. Mascara x2 - Maybelline Colossal & Rimmel Lash Maxxx
I have reviewed the Maybelline on my blog before and I was quite a fan. The Rimmel I found in my mums make up box so I thought I'd pop it in. It has a thin comb brush and I have gotten use to the fatter wands now.
Repurchase? I have just opened a new tube of mascara which I will review soon. I like to try new ones.

6. Green People no scent hand & body lotion sample - 30ml for £4.50/200ml for £18.95.
Funny story, because of the applicator I originally thought this was a lip balm. Awkward. I wasn't a huge fan of this because of the scent. I guess because they didn't add any perfumed nasties (91% organic) it left it with a weird 'non scent'. It did a decent job at moisturising my hands and had an almost gel like consistency.
Repurchase? No. Using soap & glory hand food at the moment.

7. Perfumes x2 - Lancome/Thierry Mugler 
Lancome La vie est belle EDP - A nice sweet scent floral scent.
Thierry Mugler Womanity - Such a unique fruity crisp feminine scent. The sample didn't spray properly so I didn't get much use but loved the scent.
Repurchase? I have lots of perfumes to finish up so wouldn't look into buying any just yet.

8.  Weleda Birch Cellulite Oil - £18.95 for 100ml
I received this sample in my LiveBloggers goody bag. Although I liked the fresh scent, it didn't moisturise as I was hoping & of course it is too small a sample to notice any difference regarding cellulite. I really enjoy using the Weleda pomegranate regenerating oil.
Repurchase? No.

9. Primark fragrance free eye make-up remover pads
I didn't use this on my eyes but used it for spot cleaning of my brushes or little things that needed a wipe. They were thick, wet and did the job.
Repurchase? Maybe.

Now for the mechanical twist...


10. Tresonics facial cleansing & massaging system - £37.50 on QVC.
Now technically this isn't empty or unusable, but I personally do not use it any longer. Back when I was intrigued by the Clarisonic this was an inexpensive alternative I found for £20 on ebay. Turns out I'm quite old school when it comes to exfoliating but if anybody is interested in a thorough review then be sure to let me know.
Repurchase? No.

Hope you enjoyed this post ladies. I've already started collecting for my next Empties post. Yippee!

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guest Post - The Maid Up Maiden does nail art!

Hi ladies
Today I have quite the treat for you! Me and Nalini organised a guest blogging swap on Twitter recently and my end of the post has been up on her blog since Sunday, all about my Top 5 glosses/tinted balms. After you work your way through Nalini's great nail art tutorial, be sure to check it out! Hope you enjoy seeing something nail related on my blog for once and be sure to give Nalini a warm welcome in the comments and over on her blog :)
Hello lovelies!
Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Nalini and I live in Australia. I am obsessed with beauty products and have a little beauty blog called The Made Up Maiden, where I regularly share my thoughts on my favourite products (and sometimes, my not-so-favourite products). I am also a big fan of nail art and makeup looks! I 'met' and became friends with Mez on Twitter, and when she asked if anyone was keen on doing a guest blogging swap, I jumped at the chance! Do check out Mez's post on her top five favourite glosses/balms on my blog, here. Mez mentioned that she doesn't often showcase nails on her blog and would love a nail art tutorial, so I put together the following post on a simple tape manicure for her. 

Please excuse the less-than-clean lines from this manicure, I was in too much of a hurry to photograph this tutorial to wait too long in between polish layers.

All you will need for this nail art tutorial are three nail polish shades (you can always leave it at two, if you like), some Scotch tape (otherwise known as sticky tape) and topcoat. If you don't have a dispenser, you might want to cut some lengths of tape before you proceed with your manicure. Basecoat is also really good (as it prevents the polish from staining your nails), but not terribly imperative.
Begin by painting your nails with basecoat (unless you're skipping this step). Then, choose a colour for your main/primary shade and paint all your nails (I chose a teal polish called Marine by piCture pOlish for mine). Wait a sufficient time for them to dry thoroughly (they shouldn't just be touch dry but dry all the way through). If you can, leave them for a couple of hours before you move on to the next step, as putting sticky tape on your nails when they aren't fully dry will just pull off your polish and leave smudges.

When you're certain your polish is dry, take short sections of tape and apply them over your nails the way you wish your pattern to form. I chose to do them diagonally for the first layer. Apply them on the back of your hand first to remove some of the 'stickiness' as it will make it easier to work with. Lay the tape flat over your nail, ensuring that there are no bubbles or gaps as this will cause your polish to 'bleed'. 

Take your second polish shade and paint over above the tape (I chose a mint polish called After Dinner Mint by Face of Australia). Move on quickly to the next nail until you have finished painting all five fingers. Then, gently pull off the tape while the polish is still wet, this ensures you will get a clean line between both polish shades. You should end up with something that looks like this.

Wait a sufficient amount of time before repeating the step above with another layer of tape to add a third colour (I used a pink pastel polish for contrast, called Have Your Cupcake and Eat It Too also by Face of Australia). 

When you're done, finish with a layer of topcoat, and voila, you're done! A simple, easy manicure achievable in a few quick steps! Handy tip - this manicure would also be great with three polishes from the same colour group, or with metallic polishes.

I do hope you enjoyed that post, lovelies, and a big thank you to Mez for participating in this guest blog swap with me and generously allowing me to hijack take over her blog for a little while. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can! Feel free to drop by my blog to check out the other things I have to offer!
Are you big into nail art? Do you think you might give this a try?
Much love,

Great post Nalini! Simple but effective. Even I'm tempted to give it a go but I may need a few nail polishes first. Thank you for hijacking my blog.
To my regular readers, till next time...Toodles! :)

Monday, 5 November 2012

Top 5 glosses & most used make up brushes - Guest Posts

Hi ladies

So yesterday two of my guest posts were published on different parts of the internet (and world).

My Top 5 glosses/tinted lip balms

Revlon super lustrous lip gloss -Nude Lustre No 7 lipgloss - Number 5 intrigue ELF luscious liquid lipstick - Rasberry Lanolips - Apples Korres lip butter - Plum
From top to bottom:
Revlon super lustrous lip gloss -Nude Lustre
No 7 lipgloss - Number 5 intrigue
ELF luscious liquid lipstick - Rasberry
Lanolips - Apples
Korres lip butter - Plum

So I was a bit premature saying the lip pencils were the end of my lip collection post last time. I was clearly just kidding. In fact to end my lip collection posts I will be finishing up with something I rarely use. Lip glosses! I used glosses when I was less confident with bold colours but since I’ve discovered colour it’s lipsticks for me so these don't get much love. To take a look at my top 5 glosses/tinted balms with in depth reviews and lip swatches please go over to the madeupmaiden.

My most used make up brushes

ELF c brush kabuki brush mac 190SE sigma e10 e25 e40 f82

The second guest post I did was about my most used make up brushes. For in depth reviews and closer photos please check out my post over on muslimahbeauty.

Please take a look at these posts and leave the lovely comments I have gotten so use to. Feel quite nervous about guest blogging because it's a whole new audience so would love to see your familiar faces in the comments section (either below or over there) x

Have you ever done a guest post? How did you find it?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush - Gentle.

Hi ladies

Today I will be reviewing the Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush in Gentle. I've had this for a while after receiving it in a swap on BBS but haven't reviewed it yet as the shade name has rubbed off so I wasn't sure of the name till now. I believe this is quite a hyped product and something I wanted to try out thinking it would be perfect for my dry skin. You can find this on the Daniel Sandler website or FeelUnique for £14.50 and it comes in 9 shades.

It comes in a little bottle, you unscrew the black lid and squeeze the product out of the nozzle. You need to shake the bottle before use as the product can separate inside due to the water based formula. It's similar to how the MAC face & body works.

The swatch looks very dark and scary here. More foundation like than a subtle blush but it is a very heavy swatch so don't be fooled my dears.

It has quite an orange tone to it but it doesn't look orange on my cheeks when it is blended in. Although you can't see it in the picture I recently noticed that when the product is applied sheerly and thoroughly blended, you can see little shimmers.

I use my fingers to dot it on my cheeks and rub it in a bit. I find when I use my ELF stippling blush to blend it in the product spreads over a bigger area than I would like. Daniel Sandler has a synthetic waterbrush specifically for this which looks fantastic & retails for £15.50.

I rubbed in the swatch that was on my hand and tried to wash it off but it just wouldn't budge. The claims of being water resistant I have found are very true. As you can see once its rubbed in, it gives a nice subtle flush to the skin. However, you can also build it up for the more daring among us.

I found it so hard to take an accurate picture - in pictures it doesn't look as visible as real life. The dots of colour in the first photo are a stark contrast to the heavy swatch above.

BARGAIN ALERT - I have just found a fantastic offer on the Daniel Sandler website. If you buy the watercolour blush in charm a donation will go to a Cancer Research charity AND you get the waterbrush absolutely free! How awesome is that? I am tempted that's for sure. Take a look at the duo in action over at


I am so glad I have this as part of my blusher collection. It's very different to any other formula that is available on the market. When applied lightly it gives a glowy subtle flush to the cheeks. I would love to try one of the other shades or the creme rouge formula and although the product lasts forever and is worth the £14.50 price tag, I sadly can't justify that expense just yet. I'm not entirely sure how the more oily skinned among us feel about it but I thoroughly love it!

Before I go I'll leave you with a fantastic review of these blushers by Charlotte from lipglossiping. She has some absolutely gorgeous swatches and for once I haven't left you with a decent 'on face' swatch so you can check out Charlotte's swatches instead. Also I suggest you follow the man himself on Twitter as he genuinely is really nice and takes the time to reply to any tweets :)

Till next time...Toodles! :)