Thursday, 29 November 2012

What's in the box under my bed...

Hi ladies

Quite a spooky title we've got going on eh? In fact there are lots of boxes under my bed (naughty) but there's one in particular I want to go through with you today. Almost 2 years ago Superdrug ran this awesome series of skincare offers on their website (around christmas time I believe) and I stocked up on lots of body scrubs, lotions and exfoliators. I collected it all in a box under my bed, plus a few other products that are still in the 'to be used' queue. Bit of a random post but when I was having a long soak the other day I went through it's contents and replenished by bathroom shelf. I also use this box to restock the shelf in my cupboard which I use on a day to day basis (I've added a photo of this at the bottom).

This is quite possibly the single most fascinating photo you have ever seen on my blog. A box and a bed.

The contents of the box

So here are the contents:

Top - Cotton pads
Kleenex - These are like really big cottons pads which I use with my cleansing water when I have to cleanse my whole face. If it's just an eye look I use the normal superdrug brand cotton pads.

Top left - shampoo and conditioner
I use T-gel to keep my hideous dandruff under control and the 3 minute miracle to condition it. Both are products I would thoroughly recommend. However, at the moment I'm trialling AreaH20 products.

Top right - hair products
I very very rarely style my hair or put any heat on it. I bought L'oreal mousse and hairspray last year for my cousins Mehndi and it left my hair feeling sleek without the heat induced frizz. The Mark Hill heat protection spray I received with my blow dryer years ago but like I said I never use any of these products.

Bottom left - St Ives exfoliators
I have always gotten along well with the exfoliators from this brand. I have finished all my current ones so it's time to take one of these out. I love opening new products!

Middle - Ooh la spa range
I actually really like this range. The body scrub from this range was awesome! It all smells gorgeous and comes in bright orange packaging. I am currently using the no7 body oil spray when I'm too lazy to rub in body lotion so when that's finished I'll use the Ooh la la one. I went into Superdrug very recently and for some reason the Ooh la spa stuff was dirt cheap, so I thoroughly recommend you go and check the range out. My love for scrubs overshadows my body washes so I still have the Ooh la spa and FCUK ones to get through.

Body lotions
I've got a back up of good old e45 and the Garnier intensive 7 days. The ones I currently use are nearly coming to an end. I like the scent of the FCUK whipped body cream but I don't really like rubbing in body butters so it's been put in the box for now. The I love...product smells nice but bright pink cream isn't the most sophisticated thing to apply and again it isn't the best texture to rub in easily.

Here is my day to day shelf. On the left hand side I have my body lotions/oils, Rituals shower foams which are awesome and the weleda deodorant I reviewed earlier. On the right hand side I have mini make up removers & Toners. Behind that I have a collection of body mists which I prefer using daily instead of using up perfumes.

This didn't quite turn out as fascinating a post as I had imagined in my head but it was a chance to talk about a few random things I wouldn't have mentioned otherwise. Maybe I'll win an award for 'Most random beauty post ever' if nothing else? (Be sure to vote for me in these imaginary awards).

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Love it Mez - would you believe I actually have a box under my bed too filled with spare goodies? You have a fair old selection in your box I must say! I spy quite a few items I like the look of - both in the box and on the day to day shelf! I may well follow up on this theme at some stage and link to the original 'box under the bed post' right here if that's ok? xx

    1. Of course that's fine - I would love to read it :)

  2. OH EM GEE. Bloody hell Mez talk about stocking up!! Lol I love this! As you know I've just got rid of most of my spare products because I hate clutter! But seriously I know where to come in an emergency!


  3. Haha! I'm not sure what I was expecting with that title! Love it, you sure have lots of products to get through! Xx

    1. haha the title did it's job ;) Yup, lots to get through. Sigh.

  4. Wow, what an array of products! I love that Yogi shower gel, it just has the most amazing smell.
    Not sure what I would find under my bed, that's probably a post I will pass on! x


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