Monday, 31 December 2012

Mez's Beauty Awards 2012 - Best of the Brushes!

Hi ladies

Welcome to the last ever post on my 2012 beauty awards! (Yes I am aware I seem to have switched between Beauty Awards and Make Up Awards - Doh!) We are ending the series with my most used make up brushes of 2012. At the end of last year I was obsessed with collecting brushes! I haven't bought any this year but that doesn't mean I haven't wanted to pounce on the Real Techniques sets and more recently the MUA brushes. Aaah well, I must continue to resist because I have more than enough. 

Before we go on to the winners I would like to add that a lot of these brushes aren't ones I would particularly recommend. I know that sounds weird as they are the ones I use whenever I apply make up but if I was to go back and build my collection, I wouldn't buy some again. Also, I haven't included prices for the MAC limited edition or sigma brushes because it depends entirely on where you buy it. That said, on we go...

The award for the best foundation brush goes to...Sigma round top kabuki f82.

I got this last year during the Black Friday free international shipping offer the US Sigma website holds yearly.  It is soft, very dense and and in the whole year has never shed. It makes buffing in foundation very easy and it is one of the best brushes I own.

The award for the best concealer brush goes to...Sigma tapered blending brush e40.

This was my poor man's thrifty ladies answer to the MAC 224. Although, it does the job of blending in my under eye concealer (& soft eyeshadow blending) it shed like crazy! It seems to have calmed down as of late but overall during the year it has lost a lot of hairs. I give it the award however, solely because it's what I used for concealer in addition to my finger.

The award for the best powder brush goes to...ELF kabuki face brush - £6

This is a really soft brush that is great for either lightly sweeping setting powder or buffing in powder. It is huge so it doesn't take long to cover the face. However, I am wary of washing it because I have a feeling that the bristles lost it's tight shape due to washing.

The award for the best blush goes to...MAC blush brush 129 SE

This is the only blush brush I own and again that's solely why it win's this category. I sold a few of my eye shadow MAC SE brushes this year because I just found they weren't the softest brushes in my collection and although I've kept hold of this, the bristles do feel quite course. I guess it's right what people say about the poor quality of limited edition SE brushes. However, it's a nice size and I'm sure the normal size would be softer.

The award for the best' flat eyeshadow packing on colour' brush goes to...ELF eyeshadow 'C' brush - £3.75

This is my go to brush for packing on colour. It is very dense and the 'c' in its name comes from the idea that used on it's side, you can use it to blend colour.

The award for the best blending brush goes to...Sigma blending e25 brush 

Like the concealer blending brush, this was my answer to the MAC 217. Again, like above, it does the job it's made for well but it shed like you wouldn't believe. I actually had to contact Sigma and they sent out a replacement but even that shed. It makes me wonder how long before all the bristles have fallen out but till then it does a good job.

The award for the best gel liner brush goes to...Sigma small liner e10

I use this with my Maybelline gel liner and it helps liner noobs like myself achieve a thin winged line. Although the sharp point means it's not the most comfortable thing to pull over the eyelid that's what helps me to achieve a thin line.

So, that's that ladies...We have come to the end of my Beauty awards 2012! In hindsight, this probably wasn't the best category to end on as I had quite a lot of negative things to say about the 'winners' but what you gonna do?

Thank you for all the lovely comments and tweets during this series - I was chuffed to see it had the intended result and it was worth the effort. It was also nice to see which of my winners were also your favourites throughout the year of 2012 and which ones didn't work as well for you.

*What time is it? Cheesy time*

The most obvious winner of 2012 was this blog. I can't believe how obsessed I've become with blogging in these 6 months (this is my 86th post) and I honestly can't remember what I spent my spare time doing before. Thank you to all my followers, regular commenter's, twitter buddies, 'real life' supporters and my experienced blogger friends who have coached me throughout. I can't believe I'm ending the year with just over 160 GFC followers and over 25000 page views. It well & truly boggles my mind. Here's to a successful 2013 for us all!

Till 2013...Toodles! ;)

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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mez's Make Up Awards 2012 - Face & base products.

Hi ladies

We're nearing the end of this 2012 award series. Today I'll be talking about base products which is very important to me. I think foundation can make or break a look and a cakey base is a huge pet peeve of mine. I have dry skin and foundation can easily look flaky so I have to work hard pre foundation to make it look as dewy and natural as possible. Family and friends think I'm somewhat OTT with my hatred for cakey foundation but I just can't leave the house like that. On to see what products I use to achieve this...

The award for the best foundation goes to...YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat - £28

This is the year I discovered this foundation and my review of this is actually my most viewed post! I remember seeing Fleur's video on this and knowing immediately I had to try it out. I picked up a few samples and that is what I've been using since the summer. It has the perfect, natural glowy finish. In addition to having loads of foundations to use up, another reason I have not bought the full size is because I am in between shades. BD50 is too light and BD60 is dark so I mix the two samples.
Honorary mention: My HG foundation of all time is MAC face & body. I have also been using Bobbi Brown stick foundation recently which is nice too.

The award for the best concealer goes to...Garnier anti dark circles 2-in-1 tinted eye roll on - £10.49

Ultimate HG product of 2012! I love this product. If you read my empties post you'll know it lasted forever! Whenever I thought it had finished, it just kept giving. It seems to have oxidised in the tube so for the last few months it hasn't performed like it did at the start but to be fair I've had it forever. It is pretty much always half price and for a fiver, it's a bargain of a concealer. It isn't particularly for covering blemishes but is perfect for a bright under eye look! Having said that me and my cousin use it all over our faces when we're not using foundation and you'd be surprised with the coverage. That's enough raving but a huge 10 out of 10.

The award for the best primer goes to...ELF mineral infused primer - £6

I've nearly finished this - I've been taking off the lid and scraping it out. I have dry skin and find that even though I moisturise loads I need silicone based primers to give me an almost greasy base to avoid the dreaded cakiness. This is definitely not for people with combination or oily skin because the foundation would slip right off. I'm surprised at how much it now costs but I never make an ELF order without a discount code anyway.
Honorary mention: I use steamcream as a 'primer' sometimes too because it is so moisturising it gives me an almost 'oily' base but in a good way for my dry skin.

The award for the best setting powder goes to...ELF mineral booster - £5/£7

Another HG product - I actually sold my MAC MSF natural because I didn't see what it did that this couldn't. It photographs really well and doesn't make my face cakey. You get so much product and it lasts forever.

The award for the best blush goes to...Daniel Sandler watercolour blush in Gentle - £14.50

I'm not a huge blush fan and always pop on something that is so natural that it is barely visible, preferring to add colour on my lips and eyes. I add a very small amount of this on my cheeks as you can see in my review post and it does the job whilst adding to the dewiness of my foundation. (It is currently on sale for £11.60 + free delivery on FeelUnique).

The award for the best eyebrow product goes to...ELF treat & tame - £3.75

I did an in depth review of this recently on my blog when I compared it to the ELF eyebrow kit. It has been an absolute saviour for me since I have stopped grooming my brows. It is the perfect, natural looking way to tidy up your brows.
Honorary mention: MUA clear mascara - Can you believe that tube was clear at one point? It has slowly taken on the colour of the Tame product but I use this to keep my unruly brows in place.

We have one more awards post to come which will be about my favourite brushes of 2012. I hope you've enjoyed them all so far and as I always say, please comment with your favourites or link me to your post or video.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mez's Make Up Awards 2012 - All things Eyes!

Hi ladies

Nice to see you lovely ladies again.  Previous years when I wasn't as brave with lip colours I've been all about the eyes - I collected lots of sleek eye shadow palettes at the end of last year and I only got two this year. I have been trying to sell as many as I can because I just don't use them enough. I have hooded lids and I find it hard to recreate looks and make it look good or even noticeable; so this year I was less about the shadow and more about liner and mascara. Intro over - on we go...

The winner of the best pencil eye liner goes to...Urban Decay 24/7 liner in perversion -£13

I believe I discovered this shade of 24/7 liner this year and I have never looked back. Neither at a new brand or the shade zero (I thought that was the best liner ever till I discovered this). It is the creamiest, blackest liner I have ever come across. The only negative is that it has ruined all other liners for me.

The award for the best liquid liner goes to...Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner in perversion - £14

The 2 Urban decay liners make the perfect pair! Long lasting, extremely pigmented and easy to apply. This has the thinnest brush I've ever seen which makes a thin line easier than other liquid liners. It stays on all day too as it is waterproof so I turn to this when I need my liner to last the whole day.

The award for the best gel liner goes to...Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel liner - £7.99

This is the only gel liner I've ever used so I can't compare it to the MAC or Bobbi Brown ones but I've seen lots of reviews and people have said they either prefer this or that this compares to the higher end counterparts. This is creamy and pigmented. It also comes with a thin brush which makes it quite the bargain but I personally use another brush with it to achieve my thin flick. My mum finds that pencil liners never last on her waterline so she has been using this on it and it works great there too.

The award for the best mascara goes to...Maybelline Colossal volume express - £7.19

I used this for a big portion of the year and that's pretty much why it swung it. I did a review for this when I originally began using it and lot's of readers were impressed by it. It has a big brush which takes some getting use to if you usually use thin brushes.
Honorary mention: I have also used Maxfactor false lash effect and Lancome Hypnose near the end of the year but not as much as this. All of them have been great.

The award for the best 'high end' eyeshadow palette goes to...Urban Decay Book of Shadows II

Oh that dent in flipside kills me every time.

Although, I was gifted the Naked palette this year I have not given it a proper whirl. I only pull out this bad boy for Indian weddings where I feel comfortable using these bright colours. This is the palette that introduced me to the gorgeous gold shade - half baked and I have since got it in a single pan. I'm not sure where you can get this palette nowadays but this wins because it's what I've used the most (even then at most 6 times this year).

The award for the best 'high street' eyeshadow palette goes to...MUA heaven & earth - £4

I've been using this to play about with neutrals all year. The colours are very creamy and pigmented and these small, sleek and inexpensive palettes are perfect for travel. MUA shadows I've found are amazing quality and another one I've had my eye on is 'undressed' but I can't justify that as I already have the naked palette (I love that they made the duping so obvious they just used a synonym for naked).

The award for the best curlers goes to...ELF mechanicals eyelash curlers - £1.50

The mechanical spring mechanism in this helps to give a very tight curl. It's pretty much the only curlers I've used (other than testing the shu uemura curlers out in store which were fantastic and completely different in style). I feel these do the job and they're still going strong even though I've had them for well over a year.

Yet another set of awards come to an end - I only realised after this post how much Urban Decay I use in terms of eye make up. It seems to be their speciality.

The next set of awards will be up in a few days so keep your eyes peeled for that but till then don't forget to comment with your favourites of 2012 or even better; write up a post and link me up. I am so chuffed with the response I've had to this series and it's definitely been worth all the effort!

Hope you all had a fantastic few days this holiday.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Mez's Make Up Awards 2012 - All things Lips!

Hi ladies

Welcome to the next set of awards. Nice to see you all in your glad rags for this special occasion. 2012 has definitely been the year of playing up the lips for me. To think I started this year scared of anything remotely bright on my lips and am ending it having worn bright reds and deep purples. I find even if a person doesn't have a scrap of make up on but has popped on a bit of colour on their lips, it looks like a bit of an effort has been made. On we go...

The award for the best red lipstick goes to...MAC Russian Red - £14/3g

I started the year only wearing this in the confines of my room *cue sad lonely images* and have ended it being able to rock this colour way more. It's a matte but it isn't particularly drying provided I moisturise my lips beforehand. It is very pigmented but as I've mentioned on my blog before, you can dot this on the lips for a more subtle look. Russian Red is quite the iconic MAC lipstick colour and this is what helped me take the plunge into the world of red lips!

The award for the best 'plum' lipstick goes to...Benefit No Competition - £14/3g

Benefit lipsticks were never on my radar and I came across this somewhat accidentally this year. I tried it on at the counter and fell in love. I needed to make up a category in these make up awards just to talk about this gorgeous deep, plummy lipstick. I can apply it sheerly or build it up to make it perfect for the vampy looks of the winter. It's a creamy formula and I have the mini sample sizes which I got from BBS and are perfect to carry around.
Honorary mention: MAC plumful. Last year plumful would have easily trumped this category but I discovered No Competition in 2012 and I used it more so that's why it won.

The award for the best nude lipstick goes to...Clinique blushing nude - £16.50/4g

Another lipstick I discovered this year and was included in my Top 5 natural lipsticks. This is very much a pinky nude/natural looking lipstick on my lips and I like the creamy formula. When I made the decision to use more of my make up on a regular basis I started with trying to wear natural lipsticks and this is what I began with.

The award for the best lip gloss goes to...No 7 Poppy King number five intrigue - £11/7g

I picked this up on a whim when they were on a crazy sale in Boots earlier this year. I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth and pigmented it was. If ever I need a very subtle daytime red lip, this is what I would turn too. I think this particular shade was limited edition but they have another red in the range.

The award for the best lip liner goes to...Rimmel lasting finish 1000 kisses - £2.99

I have three shades as they were on 3 for 2 in Superdrug and I'd heard good things from Sammi's video aka BeautyCrush. These are in - wine, spice and tiramisu. I don't use these as a typical liner but use them to fill in my whole lip like a lipstick. They are pigmented and not too drying, making them perfect for the price.

The award for the best lip balm goes to...Burts Bees Pomegranate - £3.69/4g

Near the end of the year I have been using up some of my other balms but I used this balm from last year and most of this year. I remember being so impressed with this when I first discovered it as till then I had only been using vaseline. I have only ever used the pomegranate one but they have a variety if pomegranate isn't your thing. It also contains 100% natural ingredients.

The award for the best lip stain/innovative product goes to...YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy stain - £22.50

I'm sure many of you will remember the post I did this summer on my 'most extravagant purchase'. At £22.50 this is way more than I would spend on a single item (that isn't foundation). I wanted to spend my giftcard on something I would never buy myself and that I couldn't dupe on the high street. I decided on this and I haven't been disappointed. Most lip stains are drying - the revlon balm stains released after I bought this (not that I'm comparing the two) but this is glossy and as was proved in my 18 hour experiment; very long lasting!

So that's another set of awards that have come to an end - you don't have to go home but you gotta get the hell outta here - Sorry I've always wanted to say that! Don't go. I take it back.

Please share your lip awards in the comments below OR do your own post on it and let me know.

I hope you're enjoying these awards as much as I was excited making them. I received great feedback on the skincare & perfume set of awards so thank you! Keep your eyes peeled for the next set of Awards.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Mez's Beauty Awards 2012 - Skincare + Perfume edition.

Hi ladies

Come on in. Welcome to my very own awards ceremony! You're all looking very dapper this fine evening and why not? These are the beauty awards of THE year after all. A round up of what I consider the best products from each category in the last 10 days of 2012. Nearing the end of the year my favourite videos to watch on YouTube are the 'Best of 2012' so I have been working on my own round up in the form of these awards.  I'll be splitting them up into 4/5 posts and today we are starting with all things skincare - from top to toe.

The award for the best face moisturiser goes to...Garnier Essentials day cream - £5.99/50ml

I used this for most of the year and I really enjoyed it. It's a light texture and it soaks into the skin really well. It has a nice scent to it and although a tub isn't the most hygienic packaging I am definitely a fan. I have been using the simple moisturiser for years so my winner last year would definitely have been that but I'm glad I bought this half price and have used it up this year. It's always on offer and is currently 2 for £4 - bargain!
Honorary mention - I discovered steamcream this year - perfect as a pre foundation base.

The award for the best face exfoliator goes to...St Ives element warming scrub - £4.99/125ml

I have mentioned this twice already on my blog and I used it right up. I never once experienced any warming element but it had so many tiny exfoliating beads in a very thick gel so it felt like it did a very good job of scrubbing off any flakey bits. Earlier on in the year I used the Neutrogena grapefruit daily scrub which worked really well and had the most gorgeous scent.

The award for the best cleanser/make up remover goes to...Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - £5.99/200ml

I have raved and raved about this since I first started blogging. I have recommended it to anyone that will listen and even those that haven't wanted to listen. This is the first product that has made me less weary about using mascara more regularly. I use to limit mascara to special occasions because I absolutely hated having to tug on my eyes to remove it but when I found this thick creamy cleanser I fell in love. It has a gorgeous almond scent and the formula is perfect for dry skin. It comes with a cloth but I didn't use that (as I lost it) but instead rubbed it on my dry skin and washed it off. 2013 will see me finally crack open the Liz Earle but let me tell you, I have high hopes. 2012 was also the year I discoverd cleansing waters and I loved the Etat Pur one.

The award for the best body scrub goes to...Beauty Parlour 'buff it up' body scrub - £4.99/200ml

This is something else I have mentioned on my blog previously. This was incredibly grainy but the beads were suspended in a thin consistency liquid so it made it easy to rub over the skin without any tugging or friction on the skin. This was perfect in giving my body a proper scrubbing.

The award for the best body lotion goes to...Garnier 7 days Ultra softening lotion (Nourishing shea butter) - £2.99/250ml

I remember originally getting a sample sachet of this in a magazine and loving it in that one use. I waited for some sort of offer and bought two big lotions. I bought the one for dry, rough skin which smells lovely, has a really light weight formula that makes it easy to rub in and it keeps my body nicely hydrated. They have lots of scents and formulas designed for different skin types including aloe vera for normal skin and mango/shea butter for dry skin. If you haven't already, give this lotion a whirl for the winter.

The award for the best body oil goes to...No7 pampering dry oil body spray - £9.50/200ml

It seem's the packaging of this has changed from the one I have but hopefully it's still the same formula. I use this on days when I'm in a rush and don't have time to rub in any lotion. It's smells nice and does the job of making sure my body doesn't flake during the day. I've noticed now I'm half way through the bottle, spraying product out has gotten a bit tougher but that little niggle aside, it's a quick and easy body oil.

This probably doesn't fit in here but it has no other place, so...

The award for the best daytime body spray goes to...Natural Collection in Apple and Lime - £2

I have worn this all year, whenever I've popped out for something that isn't 'special occasion' enough to warrant a perfume. I tend to save my perfumes on a day to day basis and opt for this. Citrus scents are my absolute favourite and although I find the scent of this wears off very quickly, I love it.

The award for the best daytime perfume goes to...DKNY Be Delicious

I got this around summer time after wanting it for ages. My natural collection body spray was actually my poor man's answer to it. I use this on days where I need something more than the short lasting effects of the body spray.

The award for the best evening perfume goes to...Paco Rabanne Lady Million

This is just gorgeous! This is the perfume I turn too when I actually want a fairly strongly scented perfume in the evening. I wouldn't describe this scent as 'floral' but that is how it's described online. I keep hearing about Neroli since the super facialist cleanser contained it and I was surprised to discover this contains a heart note of Neroli too. Anyway, I'm rambling now - I love this!

So ladies, I hope you enjoyed the first of many posts on my beauty awards. There's lots more to come so please do stay tuned!

I would love it if you could comment with your skincare favourites of 2012 (and I'm not just saying that, please do tell me). Even better if you have a blogpost or video, link me up! If you haven't, consider yourself hereby 'tagged'.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Empties #4

Hi ladies

I have been blogging for 6 months today - My introduction post & steamcream review both went up on June 19th! Since then I have had so many views and importantly lots of lovely followers and regular commenter's that have all made me very proud of my little portion of the internet. A big big thank you to all! I'll save the emotional speech for (hopefully) my first year 'blogiversary' but I couldn't let the day go without thanking everyone for this tiny milestone.

Now onto the Empties post - I would ideally wait till I had a few more empties but I wanted to have one last Empties post in 2012 and start afresh in 2013. New beginnings...yes even with what is in essence rubbish.

1. Garnier intensive 7 days ultra-softening lotion (Nourishing Shea Butter) - £2.99/250ml
It took me quite a while to use this up as I have lots of lotions. It smells nice, is easy to rub in and keeps the body moisturised. Not necessarily for 7 days but still nice nonetheless.
Repurchase? At some point when all my lotions are done (take a look at the what's under my bed post to see how long that will take).

2. E45 moisturising lotion - £5.50/500ml (currently buy one get second half price)
This is a classic lotion in most British households - I won't spend too much time on it but it is extremely moisturising, suitable for sensitive skin and is unperfumed. I love the pump style bottle as it's easiest to use when you've just got out of the bath.
Repurchase? Not soon but probably at some point in the future let's be honest.

3. Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser - £5.99/200ml
I have raved and raved about this way too many times. Even I'm getting bored of hearing myself discussing it. Please just do us all a favour and give it a go, Thank you.
Repurchase? Fo sho, when I'm done with the Liz Earle cleanse & polish.

4. Garnier Anti-dark circles 2-in-1 tinted eye roll-on - £10.49
This is awesome! Definitely one of the best make up discoveries of recent times for me. I remember seeing this on youtube once and thinking it had more coverage than I had expected. I went out and bought it while it was half price and have never looked back. It is perfect for the under eye area on a daily basis. Also, it lasts for ages - even when you think it's dead, it isn't. Trust me.
Repurchase? Hellllll yeah.

5. Soap & Glory flake away - £7/300ml
I just have the mini tub and it smells nice and is really good at scrubbing away all that dead skin (nice). It leaves quite an oily residue on the body which means less friction when you're rubbing it in.
Repurchase? Probably not - there's plenty of scrubs out there to try.

6. Garnier Essentials day cream - £5.99/50ml
Light texture, subtle scent and soaks in quick. Great moisturiser and is always on offer.
Repurchase? Not any time soon but again, probably at some point.

7. Clarins Extra-Firming body cream -  £40
This smells nice and was easy to rub in but I couldn't comment on the firming aspect as I had a small sample that was in a beauty box.
Repurchase? Errr, I'm sure even you can answer that for me at £40 a pop.

8. Dr Bronner's Lavender & Coconut Organic lotion - £8.29/237ml
I got a little sample of this in the bag I was given at the John Bell & Croyden event. The sachet was enough to use on my legs and arms. The texture was very runny and it was easy to rub in. I don't usually like the scent of lavender but this wasn't offensive.
Repurchase? No - there's cheaper lotions out there.

So, this is the final Empties post of 2012 - hope you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow will see the start of my 2012 beauty awards. I'm genuinely excited to share this with you and I hope you all enjoy it. I'd love it if you linked me to any 'Best of 2012' posts you might have on your blog. If you haven't done it yet, I 'tag' you to do it - Yes I know I can't technically do that as I didn't invent it but whatevs.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cargo cheek activator blush - Rose Flush

Hi ladies

Yet another review that has been sat in my drafts for a while. I wasn't going to post this as I realised it seems to be discontinued in Boots. However, if wherever you are in the world you can get hold of this (or there's always ebay) this could be useful for you. There has been lots of reviews on here lately but I'm trying to get them out of the way so to speak before I start my 'Awards of 2012' and onto newer content in 2013 - which I'm very excited about!

The liquid blush comes in a sleek, squeezy tube.This is the mini size that came in a set of 6 cargo items.

It comes out as a white liquid at first but when you rub it in, the rosey flush start's to come through.

It's easy to rub in to the skin and I just used the warmth of my hand to blend it instead of a brush.

After - Hope you can see the colour.

In short, I quite like this blush. I found it easier to blend in than cream blushes as it has a thinner consistency and it is good for my dry skin. If you have oilier skin, you may need to set it with powder. In terms of the colour, I think this rosey flush would look beautiful on paler skin tones but it might not be as visible on women of colour. However, cargo claims the more you rub in the product the stronger the colour so there's still hope?

I hope you don't mind me posting a review of something that seem's to be discontinued in the UK but as I said there's always ebay if you like the look of it and I do luckily have some international readers this could benefit.

Till next time...Toodles :)

PS tomorrow will be exactly 6 months since I started this blog. HOW EXCITING! Not quite sure what sort of post to do for it though. Keep your eyes peeled.

Monday, 17 December 2012 Review.

 Hi ladies

Today I am going to be reviewing glasses from another international online optical store. This time I was offered to order glasses from Firmoo - 'The world's most popular online eyeglass store'.

When I go through my bag of glasses I always laugh. From the age of 10 I have been wearing glasses and back then it wasn't as 'cool' as it is now. My glasses were hideous but in an age where people now wear non-prescription glasses just for the geek chic look, my choices have gotten somewhat better!

When I had a browse of the site to choose a pair I was quite overwhelmed because they had so many styles. I knew I wanted something I would actually wear because I wear glasses everyday. I went for plain black matte glasses but unfortunately when I went to get the link it said the frames are being phased out. Either way, here they are. They cost $32 (just under £20). They arrived within 10 days which I was impressed with considering they come from Hong Kong I believe.

It comes in a sturdy case and with a pouch, a cleaning cloth and somewhat differently, inside the pouch were replacement screws and mini screwdriver. How cool is that? (yes, I'm easily impressed).

At first they were bigger than I expected but they are quite the focal feature when they're on my face. They are heavier than my usual glasses so I'm not use to wearing them for long periods of time just yet but I'm sure if I give it a chance I'll get use to it.

The website also has a useful feature where you can upload a photo of yourself or if you can't be bothered it has photos of people with different face shapes so you can pick the one closest to you and see whether the glasses will suit your face.

As I said when I last reviewed glasses, ordering online is a doddle when you know your prescription and most importantly much cheaper than you find in your local opticians usually. Firmoo also provide all the measurements for the glasses so you know whether it will fit your face.

What I find really interesting about Firmoo is that they offer free glasses (minus shipping). Yes free!  It's called the 'First Pair Free Program'. On their website the explanation for this program is:

We provide free glasses for new customers to try our products & service, as well as to help some poor people or people with low income correct their vision problems. Our free offer is open to almost all countries in the world, such as U.S., Canada, Australia, etc. Therefore, this is quite a good news especially for people who'd love to buy frames online.

So if free glasses are your thing then have a click here.

The cheapest glasses come in at $8 which is around a fiver. Not quite as cheap as chips but close enough in some places throughout London let's be honest. They also offer a refund/exchange policy if you're not satisfied so that's always a bonus.

Have you ever ordered glasses online?

Till next time...Toodles! :)