Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Etat Pur B37 Radiant complexion care & B38 Ultra-Moisturising care

Hi ladies

So far I have been lucky enough to try 3 products from the Etat Pur range including the Micellar cleansing water which I love and have reviewed here. I received the B37 Radiant complexion Care (£13.50 for 40ml) in the #bbloggersxmas goody bag last month and the B38 Ultra Moisturising Care (£12.60 for 40ml) in my #livebloggers goody bag earlier last year .

They both come in lightweight plastic packaging with a pump. They don't really weigh much and are quite slim so are perfect for travelling.

B38 - Ultra-moisturising care

This is a creamy gel based moisturiser that quickly absorbs into the skin. I'm not a huge fan of the scent which is a very faint floral scent (I could be wrong) but it isn't anything particular off putting. Etat Pur claim it is an excellent base for make-up and ideal for anyone with dehydrated skin. I found that it wasn't enough for my dry skin in the winter months and left it almost tacky to touch so it wasn't my first choice when applying foundation. It is lightweight though so I may use it in the warmer months but in general I don't think gel moisturisers are for me.

B37 - Radiant Complexion Care

This is an apricot tinted 'moisturiser'. It is meant to help dull complexions by making the skin radiant and bright whilst evening out the complexion without foundation. I was excited to try this because I have never come across a tinted moisturiser that has been moisturising enough on my skin. I tried to make this work for a month but sadly to no avail. My skin is just too flaky for a product like this and I think it is because it is designed to mattify the shiny zones in combination skin. Trying this without moisturiser was a complete No No but even with moisturiser underneath it just reacted weirdly on my skin. I can't think of a word to describe it but I have a photo below so if you can think of how to describe it then please comment below (blogger fail).

When I rubbed on my skin weird bits like this came off.

Not quite the look I go for.
The product does somewhat even out my skintone but it gives it a noticeable pinky tinge on my yellow skin. I will give it a go again in the summer because I really like the concept of a very natural tint without it feeling or looking like a tinted moisturiser/foundation. Having said that, the first time I tried it, I saw it as a moisturiser so didn't think to remove it but as you can see below, it does need to be removed.

On balance, it isn't an overly positive review for these products but the Etat Pur brand interests me because it seems to be good quality innovative products without being as overpriced as other brands out there.You can buy all the products here and you receive 3 free samples with every order. Who doesn't love a freebie? I'm also off to India next month and I'm guessing I won't need as much moisture so I am definitely going to take these along with me.

Have you used any Etat Pur products before?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Hi Mez. Thank you for a review of the product you got at Live Bloggers. I am sorry you didnt get on with it too well, or other one! Boo! Still, you gave them a shot - thats the main thing!


    1. Thank you for providing fab bags :)

  2. Yo! What's up with all the spam comments above? That looks like maal

  3. Never tried these products before & pretty sure they don't sell them here none the less I read the review from A to Z lol, yes I would call it flaking! It happens with some of my products too it's soo annoying! Great eview though xxxx


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