Thursday, 17 January 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo - Permanent Taupe & Immortal Charcoal

Hi ladies

I have amassed two color tattoo's (colour) via BBS so thought I'd pop a review up on here. The two colours I have are Permanent Taupe and Immortal Charcoal. These retail for £4.99 which even for this cheapo is quite inexpensive. Even better that there's currently a buy one get second half price offer going on in Boots and there's 8 colours to choose from (although only 4 are on the Boots website, I saw the others on the Superdrug website).

Eeeeeek is this photo of already swatched make up making anyone else cringe?! Blasphemy in Blogging land. Apologies as I did receive these in swaps!

Maybelline color tattoo Immortal Charcoal Permanent Taupe swatch
Top - Permanent Taupe
Bottom - Immortal Charcoal
As you can see Immortal Charcoal as the name suggests is a very dark grey colour whereas Permanent Taupe leans more towards a purple undertone. In terms of consistency, I found Charcoal was much creamier than Taupe which was a bit dryer to swatch.

A swatch of the two after I'd rubbed the product to see the lasting power.
At first, I found myself really annoyed with the product because most reviews said how amazingly they stayed on without creasing, however on me they creased really quickly. After using the Eyeko fat sticks, MAC paintpot and these I decided cream shadows weren't for me. When applying them all I tried using my ELF primer and setting with shadow but annoyingly my small hooded lids meant they barely lasted a few hours.

Luckily, I gave it one more go using my Urban Decay Primer Potion instead and Hallelujah I am very happy to say it did the job! I'm guessing the ELF primer (albeit a fairly old one now) has made shadows crease on my lids rather than prime them due to it's greasy texture so sadly the high end product seems to be worth the splurge in this case. Anyway, this isn't about primers, back to the color tattoo's.

I did a little experiment where I used the tattoos on one eye with the UDPP and without on the other but instead setting it with a shadow.

Permanent Taupe

Left eye in photo: Set with an UD shadow.
Right eye in photo: UDPP.

As you can see the eye with the shadow had pretty much disappeared by night, whereas the primer did a much better job although there was still some fading.

Immortal Charcoal

Left eye in photo - UDPP
Right eye in photo - set with an UD shadow

Ignore the rubbish blending of the primer but again as you can see the eye without the primer creased and faded by the end of the day whereas on the other, the color tattoo did a good job. Having said that how gorgeous is that color tattoo and shadow combination before the hot mess it turned into?


So to summarise, I was so close to slamming this product but luckily a decent primer saved the day. Without priming these tattoos do not live up to the expectations other reviews had set for me and in that sense I guess it doesn't actually do the job of being a base. However, now I've seen how well they work with the UDPP and how vibrant they leave any shadows you place on top, I will be using them more and may even look into other colours.

Do these work on you without any extra products?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I always prime when using anything on my eyes, whether it be cream products or shadows! Immortal Charcoal looks lovely on you! xo

    1. I do too but only just realised that the elf one wasn't priming x

  2. Why are these called colour tattoos? Aren't they just cream shadows?

    Kind regards,
    It's Shaam out.

    1. I guess it's because tattoos are permanent. Just a marketing technique. Kind regards x


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