Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tangle Teezer - worth the hype?

Hi ladies

I bought this last November from beautybay when they had a pre-christmas flash sale. I have wanted to buy this for so so long but never wanted to part with the £10.99 price tag in Boots for a hair brush. When I saw it for £7.80 I made an impulse order (if by impulse we mean wanting something for a year). I have put off reviewing this for a few months because to be honest, I just wasn't sure what I thought about it.

I went for the original tangle teezer in a bright orange (sometimes I don't know why I feel the need to mention such obvious things) instead of the newer ones with the handles and the random flowerpot one.

The curved shape means that despite there being no handle, you can fit your hand round it with a degree of comfort. I think this shape is fine for people that don't have much hair like me but if you have thick, long hair this may go flying all over the place.

The 'unique teeth configuration' is meant to equal 'rapid, pain-free detangling' and 'high shine'. Now to get to the actual review. Do I think it's worth it?

When I first used it, I remember being seriously underwhelmed. I'm not sure what I expected. I didn't expect my hair to suddenly be worthy of a L'oreal advert (cue images of me pushing Cheryl aside screaming it's because I'M worth it actually). I did however hope that it would glide through my hair without any hair loss and that's where the TT didn't quite cut it.

In short, the brush does glide through my hair without any pain or struggle, however, I still have lots of hair coming off onto the brush. I have issues with hair loss anyway so I'm not sure why I thought it would be any different because of the brush (I'm concentrating on hair oils at the moment to help with this). It was because of this issue that I wasn't a big fan at first but when I began using my old brush again I noticed I missed the 'pain-free detangling' when combing through wet hair.

All in all this is quite a 'meh' review but that isn't a reflection of the TT but more of my hair type. It isn't a must for people with thin hair in my opinion but I think the Tangle Teezer would be great for people with thick, long knotty hair. I wanted this brush because I thought it would help reduce the amount of hair I lose after combing but it hasn't done that to the extent I'd hoped (although it probably does help). If I hadn't had such high expectations of it performing miracles, I'm guessing this review would be way more enthusiastic.

Has anyone tried the £1.50 dupe in Primark?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Empties #5 - Winter Edition.

Hi ladies

I'm back again with yet another Empties post. Before I get on with the mini reviews of the ones that stand out I should add I accidentally put the Superdrug HCC in this photo but that was accidentally in my box from the last empties post. Whoops!

1.Soap & Glory hand food - £5/125ml
This is quite a popular hand cream in the beauty world and I've had this particular tube for quite a long time. I remember being astonished (yes strong reaction) at the formula when I first used it. It soaked in like no other and left my hands moisturised without being greasy. It has a strong, typically sweet soap & glory scent which you'll either love or hate. It took me a long time to finish up and near the end the formula felt like it had separated because it left my hands a tad greasy.
Repurchase? I have the big pump bottle that I bought in the boxing day sales.

2. Nivea Nourishing hand cream - £3.16/100ml
I wasn't the biggest fan of this hand cream. Near the end I was just using up lots of it every night so I could finish it up. It left that typical greasy feeling on the hands but I really liked the scent which may have something to do with the Macadamia nut oil it contains.
Repurchase? No.

3. Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo - £4.15/125ml
As I've mentioned before (somewhat reluctantly) I suffer from an extremely dry scalp/dandruff. This does the job of keeping it at bay. It doesn't eradicate the problem by any means and has a medicated scent but it's my go-to anti-dandruff shampoo. It's fairly pricey but I've discovered you can get a multi-pack from places such as costco which works out cheaper.
Repurchase? Yes.

4. Fragrance samples - 
J'adore by Dior/Eternity by Calvin Klein - Both perfumes are described as a floral scent which isn't usually my favourite type of scent but I really liked J'adore which seemed a bit sweet to me.

5. Weleda Citrus Deodorant - £8.95/100ml
I have been using this everyday since I reviewed it back in September and I really enjoyed it. This was my first ever experience with an aluminium free deodorant and I'm not really looking forward to going back to anti-perspirants. As much as I liked the scent of this and the fact that it didn't go in my throat like usual sprays, I don't feel like this will give me enough support through my upcoming trip to humid india or even a British summer. It was the perfect companion this winter though.
Repurchase? Sadly not any time soon but will look into natural deodorants for winter.

6. Blistex relief cream - £2.25
I used this up throughout winter after having used the 'Intensive Moisturiser' version from Blistex last winter. At first it had split in the tube so I had to give it a good shake but after that it came out as a normal light cream. It comes in a nozzle tube so you have to squeeze some on your finger before applying to your lips. It is very minty and is meant to treat cracked, chapped and sore lips. Personally I preferred the Intensive Moisturiser version as I feel this was intended to be more of a medicative therapy than a moisturising one.
Repurchase? No.

7. Burts Bees Peppermint foot lotion - £11.99/100ml
I had a little sample size of this from a kit and I quite enjoyed using it. It has a very heavy minty scent that lingers in the room upon application. The menthol and peppermint oil are quite invigorating as you would imagine.
Repurchase? I now have a brand new S&G foot lotion to try.

8. Lush snow fairy - Limited Edition for xmas.
I have had this since last christmas as you can see from the older packaging. I put this away for most of 2012 because I wasn't a fan of the glitter and didn't really see the hype. However, late last year when I began using it as a bubble bath I really enjoyed finishing it up.
Repurchase? Maybe.

9. Ojon restorative hair treatment Oil - £16/50ml.
This is designed to treat and restore dry and damaged hair. It comes in a brown coloured solid form which you have to rub in your hands to turn into an oil. I really disliked the scent and I didn't notice much difference from this sachet size.
Repurchase? No.

10.  Sophyto Super Concentrate Oil - £34.95/30ml.
I reviewed this in my FreeFromSkincare Awards post and said I enjoyed using this at night so I can wake up with moisturised, soft skin. I turned to this as opposed to night cream in the latter stages of winter and I'm sad to see it finish. Unfortunately, at that price, despite the quality ingredients, this oil does not come within my budget but something I would recommend.
Repurchase? Sadly, no.

This Empties post had a distinct winter feel about it. Maybe I'll split these up according to the seasons, so I have 4 a year. I guess that depends on how many products I can store, but if that is how I choose to proceed, see you at the end of spring.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Friday, 22 February 2013

MAC paint pot - worth the hype?

Hi ladies

If you have been with me for a while, you will know about my battle with cream shadows. I haven't found one that doesn't crease on me without some sort of primer underneath. Not just any primer at that, so far only the UDPP has done the job of keeping those pesky cream products firmly on my lids. 

I bought this MAC paintpot on BBS many a month ago after hearing nothing but rave reviews. I bought it with the intention that it would brighten up my powder shadows as an almost skin coloured base, I'd be able to use it on it's own to even out my lids and that I could just pop it on with nothing underneath - quick & easy.

It comes in a glass jar, contains 5g of product and retails for £14.50. Turns out this shade was a limited edition colour in the Posh Paradise collection. (Oooo'errr, check me out, all limited edition).

Described by MAC as a light, peachy nude it looks almost like a concealer beige in the pot but once swatched you can see the peachy undertone.

I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo but it does have quite a sheen to it. Not matte and not shimmery but something in between.

Left eye - UDPP, paint pot & powder shadow.
Right eye - paint pot & powder shadow

I soon discovered that I couldn't wear the paint pot by itself because of creasing, so I tried just setting it with powder. That didn't work (as you can see above) so I tried it with the UDPP underneath and hey presto, just like with the color tattoo's, the paint pot stayed firmly on my lids. I'm aware there are a number of finishes so maybe they would last differently?

I was really annoyed with this product at first because I couldn't use it how I wanted too but then over time I realised all cream shadows crease on me without primer, despite the brand or cost. As a result, I'm unlikely to spend the money on these as I can get the same result with cheaper options on the high street. Having said that, MAC has the edge with colour selection, because I am yet to see a 'nude skin colour' option in the Maybelline range.

Which inexpensive cream shadows would you recommend?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

*UDPP - Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Magnifibres - fuller/longer lashes without falsies?

Hi ladies

After a long hiatus, I am back (sadly not for long - darn laptop) with a review of the Magnifibres brush on false lashes. I received this in the #bbloggersxmas goody bag and I have been testing it out since then. This will be a very photo heavy post as I think with products like this, the proof is in the pictures. This retails for £20.

I like the packaging and think the ruler design is quite clever.

They have put step by step directions around the packaging.

A simple and sleek white and black tube.

As you can see the thin wand has lots of white fibres.

Sorry for the out of focus photos.

The first photo is just of my plain (extremely curled - post coming soon) lashes, middle is of a quick coat of mascara followed by the magnifibres and the last is with a second coat of mascara. You have to wait for 30 seconds before applying the second coat of mascara on the magnifibres. During this application, they recommend you look down so those pesky fibres don't go into your eye.

Just a heads up - I used a mini mascara when testing this out because I was worried the white fibres would cling onto my mascara wand and clog up my mascara.

Left - without magnifibres
Right - with magnifibres

In summary, I've found it is more effective in giving volume than length. It does add a bit of length but nothing drastic. I have short lashes which aren't great but I suffer from fakelashphobia (not a medical term). I have never used them and although these aren't as drastic as fake lashes they do give a bit of va-va-voom.

Do you think they make enough of a difference to justify the price tag?

Till next time (who knows when that will be?)...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Products I sorta regret #1

Hi ladies

It has been a helluva long time since I last blogged (well for me anyway). I'm back with something positive and uplifting...Products I regret buying/swapping for. I should clarify these aren't all things I dislike or that I think are rubbish, some I actually like but I just haven't used, hence the regret.

Smashbox Lip Palettes x2

I received these in a lovely swap at a time where my lip product collection was actually non existent and I thought perfect, lots of shades in one palette. However, as I have built up the collection I found I never reached for these. I prefer the ease of getting a lipstick in bullet form, quickly applying and if needs be popping it in my bag. However, although I rarely used this, I found them to be pigmented and better quality than I had expected from lipsticks in this sort of packaging and I would actually recommend them.

I love...body butter

This is something else I bought when I didn't have as much of a body lotion/butter collection. I wanted something that smells nice and fruity so I opted for inexpensive option but again this is another product that has got pushed to the bottom of my collection with time. It smells nice at first (although synthetic) but once rubbed in it just smells really weird plus it's bright pink.I will get round to using it at some point when all my other goodies are finished but just because I have to use it up, not that I particularly have a desire to.

Boots cold cream

This is a product that I actually disliked. I have reviewed it comparing it to my favourite superdrug HCC but this just left my skin with an oily residue and has remain untouched since that review.

MAC shadestick - beige-ing

I wanted something for my mum who has oily lids to use as a base. Other creamy bases crease too quick and I was hoping this would be on the dryer side. However, it drags on the lids, the pigmentation isn't fantastic and it creases. The colour blends in completely with our skintone so unlike other cream bases which I would work with for the colour there isn't any point to this. MAC has discontinued this product I believe.

Revlon super lustrous gloss - Nude Lustre

I love the formula and packaging of these glosses. A few years ago before the mass eruption of hyped lip products from the high street I remember these glosses being the most raved about. I wanted a gloss to experiment with nude lips and I bought this so it wasn't as extreme a nude as lipstick would give. However, on my lips this just transfers as a clear gloss which I don't have any use for.

Sigma f84 brush

This is a fantastic soft brush and I was intending to use it to contour with bronzer. One little issue...I don't own any bronzers. I used it for blush a few times but it is so densely packed that it isn't as subtle as I usually go for although the angle means the few times I have tried it, the blush took on an automatic contour effect. It would make a great foundation brush as it's big and the angles mean you can get in every nook and cranny. The only reason I don't use it is because I use the f82 for foundation and I don't have many other uses for it.

MAC studio finish concealer NC45

Firstly, I was matched with the wrong shade. My skin is a few shades lighter than NC45 and using a darker concealer is never a good look. Due to my dry skin and the fact that I don't usually spot conceal I only needed such a high coverage concealer for my undereye area. I did use it at the start almost as a corrector under my garnier roll on but I found it quite drying and an unnecessary step so I left it on the side for a year and made many attempts to sell it. I took it back out of the drawer when my garnier finished and found that warming it up (with a hairdryer, extreme I know) does help and as my undereye area is darker than the rest of my face, I can make it work. However, I'm only going to finish it because I have it.

ELF mascara primer

I did a review of this early on in my blogging days and I said then I didn't find it made a big difference. I don't have issues with mascara flaking on me and this is just an unnecessary step for me.

MAC mineralise skin finish natural

I no longer have this as I sold it and that's why it didn't appear in the photo above. I just didn't get the hype and I found my ELF mineral booster did a better job so I got rid. It didn't leave me cakey or powdery but at the same time neither does the ELF at a fraction of the price.

So, for now these are all the products I regret 'obtaining' (only word I could think of). I'm surprised I had enough products to do a post like this because I thoroughly review items before I buy them and I am rarely disappointed (I wasn't as thorough at the start of my swapping days granted) . It's also quite shocking that 3 out of these items are actually MAC products but to be honest I've always found myself a harsher critic when the price of something is so high. I am a high street girl at heart and I find plenty of quality products there at a fraction of the price so the higher end goodies have to wow me just that little bit more.

What is your biggest beauty regret?

Till next time...Toodles! :)