Sunday, 10 February 2013

Products I sorta regret #1

Hi ladies

It has been a helluva long time since I last blogged (well for me anyway). I'm back with something positive and uplifting...Products I regret buying/swapping for. I should clarify these aren't all things I dislike or that I think are rubbish, some I actually like but I just haven't used, hence the regret.

Smashbox Lip Palettes x2

I received these in a lovely swap at a time where my lip product collection was actually non existent and I thought perfect, lots of shades in one palette. However, as I have built up the collection I found I never reached for these. I prefer the ease of getting a lipstick in bullet form, quickly applying and if needs be popping it in my bag. However, although I rarely used this, I found them to be pigmented and better quality than I had expected from lipsticks in this sort of packaging and I would actually recommend them.

I love...body butter

This is something else I bought when I didn't have as much of a body lotion/butter collection. I wanted something that smells nice and fruity so I opted for inexpensive option but again this is another product that has got pushed to the bottom of my collection with time. It smells nice at first (although synthetic) but once rubbed in it just smells really weird plus it's bright pink.I will get round to using it at some point when all my other goodies are finished but just because I have to use it up, not that I particularly have a desire to.

Boots cold cream

This is a product that I actually disliked. I have reviewed it comparing it to my favourite superdrug HCC but this just left my skin with an oily residue and has remain untouched since that review.

MAC shadestick - beige-ing

I wanted something for my mum who has oily lids to use as a base. Other creamy bases crease too quick and I was hoping this would be on the dryer side. However, it drags on the lids, the pigmentation isn't fantastic and it creases. The colour blends in completely with our skintone so unlike other cream bases which I would work with for the colour there isn't any point to this. MAC has discontinued this product I believe.

Revlon super lustrous gloss - Nude Lustre

I love the formula and packaging of these glosses. A few years ago before the mass eruption of hyped lip products from the high street I remember these glosses being the most raved about. I wanted a gloss to experiment with nude lips and I bought this so it wasn't as extreme a nude as lipstick would give. However, on my lips this just transfers as a clear gloss which I don't have any use for.

Sigma f84 brush

This is a fantastic soft brush and I was intending to use it to contour with bronzer. One little issue...I don't own any bronzers. I used it for blush a few times but it is so densely packed that it isn't as subtle as I usually go for although the angle means the few times I have tried it, the blush took on an automatic contour effect. It would make a great foundation brush as it's big and the angles mean you can get in every nook and cranny. The only reason I don't use it is because I use the f82 for foundation and I don't have many other uses for it.

MAC studio finish concealer NC45

Firstly, I was matched with the wrong shade. My skin is a few shades lighter than NC45 and using a darker concealer is never a good look. Due to my dry skin and the fact that I don't usually spot conceal I only needed such a high coverage concealer for my undereye area. I did use it at the start almost as a corrector under my garnier roll on but I found it quite drying and an unnecessary step so I left it on the side for a year and made many attempts to sell it. I took it back out of the drawer when my garnier finished and found that warming it up (with a hairdryer, extreme I know) does help and as my undereye area is darker than the rest of my face, I can make it work. However, I'm only going to finish it because I have it.

ELF mascara primer

I did a review of this early on in my blogging days and I said then I didn't find it made a big difference. I don't have issues with mascara flaking on me and this is just an unnecessary step for me.

MAC mineralise skin finish natural

I no longer have this as I sold it and that's why it didn't appear in the photo above. I just didn't get the hype and I found my ELF mineral booster did a better job so I got rid. It didn't leave me cakey or powdery but at the same time neither does the ELF at a fraction of the price.

So, for now these are all the products I regret 'obtaining' (only word I could think of). I'm surprised I had enough products to do a post like this because I thoroughly review items before I buy them and I am rarely disappointed (I wasn't as thorough at the start of my swapping days granted) . It's also quite shocking that 3 out of these items are actually MAC products but to be honest I've always found myself a harsher critic when the price of something is so high. I am a high street girl at heart and I find plenty of quality products there at a fraction of the price so the higher end goodies have to wow me just that little bit more.

What is your biggest beauty regret?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I totally agree about the msf natural, just didn't get the hype at all!

  2. Great idea - definitely a helpful type of post! I really disliked the cold cream too... Can't see how it can be a cult product for so many years ... It doesn't work for me, anyway.

  3. I have a few of these type of products. I've either sold them now or passed them on! Learnt my lesson lol.

  4. Agree on MSF natural, I wasn't a fan of that either! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. Hmmm-good post! I'm trying to pick my brains about any products that I've bought that I don't use but I can't think of any! Maybe cos I don't usually pay for them. Lol.


  6. Lovely post! It's funny how you regret some things, but still recommend them!
    Maybe you can do a blog sale? That way you can get rid of the products, and make someone else happy with them!


  7. I've seen the 'I love' range and I've been tempted by it but it won't compare to Haus of Gloi, Pacifica or other brands I use to what's the point eh?

  8. Sorry to hear the I Love... body butter sucked. I love their bubble baths but I've always been a bit wary of their body butters. x

  9. I got that I Love butter in a birthday box from someone and loved it! It just smelt so fruity!


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