Tuesday, 5 March 2013

L'occitane hand cream - Shea Butter & Cherry Blossom.

Hi ladies

A quick post today - I recently managed to get a sample of the iconic L'occitane hand cream when they ran a liking campaign on their Facebook page. I did the same last year and have only just opened the sample I got after finishing 2 other hand creams (both in my empties post).

The cherry scented one I haven't had much of a go at yet but I absolutely love the dry skin formula. It smells so clean and fresh like baby powder and it moisturises my hands without leaving them greasy if I don't go overboard with how much I squeeze out. I originally called this my favourite hand cream but have now edited the post because I think I didn't give the Soap & Glory hand food a fair mention. I remember being astounded (yes) when I first used that but over time I became less of a fan as the product became greasy in the tube (I may have kept it too long) so I think that tarred my view of it. It turns out I can't decide on my outright favourite in terms of the formula but I do prefer the fresh scent of the L'occitane.

The 30ml travel sizes retail on the website for £8 which is quite expensive for the amount you get and the full 150ml size sets you back a whopping £19. I wouldn't spend that sort of money and so I'm hoping these mini's will last me a while. Having said that I tend to see L'occitane sets on offer from time to time so I might consider it...if the price is right ;)

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I love their handcreams, I have a few in different sizes including one of the large ones which lasts forever. I get mine from the outlet not far from me so if you ever want me to pick you some up let me know xx

  2. I LOVE these hand cream I got the rose petal one free with Marie Claire couple of months ago I absolutely love it! x

    Shana x

  3. I'm probably the only person who doesn't get on with this at all! I gave it to my boyfriends mum as it left my hands really greasy despite only using a tiny amount! I prefer Hand Food instead :) x

  4. L'Occitance Shea Butter is my all time favourite hand cream Mez. Just love everything about it - apart from the price! My mum usually gets me one for Christmas or birthday! xx

  5. I never got round to claiming mine!


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