Wednesday, 17 April 2013

GOSH S/S 2013 Nail Lacquer swatches.

Hi ladies

Before I went swanning off to India, I was lucky enough to attend a Gosh event and I blogged about the goodies we received. As part of the S/S 2013 collection we were given these gorgeous nail polishes/lacquers and it couldn't have come at a better time for someone who is trying to fight a nail biting habit. Talk about motivation! I just want to say I'm a complete noob at applying nail polish so this was quite the battle but practise makes perfect and all that. Get ready for a serious photo overload! These retail for £4.99 for 8ml and are available to buy now from Superdrug.

A pretty small and easy to use brush.
Gosh 621 High School Flirt nail polish
621 High School Flirt - A milky nude.
Gosh 620 Tropicana nail polish
620 Tropicana - Bright coral-ly red.
Gosh 622 Venus nail polish
622 Venus - Sky/Tiffany blue.                       
Gosh 618 Tilted Blue nail polish
618 Tilted Blue - Midnight blue.
Gosh 619 Girls On Film nail polish
619 Girls On Film - Glitter polish with
a purple undertone.
Gosh 623 Greed nail polish
623 Greed - Chunky gold glitter.
Gosh Tropicana Venus Tilted Blue Girls on Film Greed nail polish swatches

Other than the glitter polishes, this is the result of only one coat without a base or top coat. I should add though that I learnt how thin the coats should be quite a few colours in so High School Flirt, Tropicana and Venus are fairly heavy one coaters if that makes sense? I don't have much to compare these polishes too but for what it's worth I like the formula and the brush doesn't make it a harder job than I already find polish application so win win!

I have lots of GOSH goodies to share with you but I figured the polishes should get their own post as there are so many photos! The Superdrug website currently has a 'save up to £3' offer on some of the GOSH brand (although this doesn't include the polishes).

Will you be picking up any of these polishes?

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Replies
    1. In hindsight it isn't sky blue but it's definitely pretty!

  2. Love the glitter polishes the most! And the nails are looking much longer =D (I regressed back into the nail biting habit, but trying to grow them back for the summer) =)

  3. Loving the glitters and well who could not love that blue too!x

  4. nice shades and love the round bottles too. Girls on film is the prettiest :)

  5. For some one new to nail polish you've done a very decent job of applying these - very neat! :) Girls On Film is very pretty, as is Tilted Blue!

  6. GLITTERRRRRR! Love those last two!

    Love Zoe x

  7. I loveeee the Tiffany blue shade! X


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