Sunday, 12 May 2013

Swatched in store #1 - Garnier Perfect Blur Primer (before & after photos).

Hi ladies

After hearing great things about this new Garnier release from Grace of Allthatslap I was curious to try it out. I have previously reviewed a pore minimising primer in the aptly named porefessional and I wanted to see if the  high street alternative worked in a similar way. Having loads of primers in my collection to finish I couldn't justify purchasing so I just tried it out in store like a weirdo (taking budget blogging to a whole other level) and these are my initial thoughts. This costs £12.99 for 30ml.

It comes in squeezy tube packaging which is useful as there is no issue with a pump that can't reach the last dregs of product and it's travel friendly (although quite big). 

It comes out as a light pink almost mousse like texture. I wasn't actually going to review this based on one use but I found it hard to find before and after photos online (other than this great post by Ree from reallyree) so I thought of this as a social service. I kid of course. I have quite visible pores on my nose so below is what this primer did for me.

Garnier perfect blur primer before and after
Eeeek why I subject myself to this for all to see is beyond me but it just seems so incomplete without it. I think it's obvious which is before and after right? Also, why I didn't remove my glasses is beyond me.

Really weird photo but as I no longer put my face on my blog I had to do some serious cropping. In real life, I found it made a huge difference. It reduced the shine instantly, the silica filled in the pores making them less visible and made it seem and feel smoother.

After I got home, I realised I have begun using the porefessional for the sake of it and just add a teeny bit on my nose before foundation. However, it is a lot more effective if I stop being tight and just add a decent amount. I've decided even when I don't wear foundation (which is a rarity anyway) this spring/summer I will remember to apply it to my nose and chin because it really makes a difference in making my skin look better without coverage. 

In short, I think the Garnier did a fantastic job and once my porefessional samples are done with (I still have a lot to get through) I will just buy the cheaper option.

Have you given this primer a go?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

PS Be honest do you find it weird I based a whole review on just one use in the shop? If you think it can't be accurate as a result please do tell me. I was hoping the photographic evidence would justify the post but all the same your opinion determines whether I do another one.


  1. Love the fact you have reviewed from the tester! Great idea! I love this - I am annoyed that it broke me out after a few days of use on the trot...
    But it is still fab if you ask me.
    FYI - Pore Professional did NOTHING for me - complete waste of time!

    1. I'm going to compare a few pore minimising primers soon!

  2. I haven't tried the garnier but looks really similar to the L'Oreal primer in the pot... have you tried that one yet? Glad it's working! :)

    1. I have the clear silicone l'oreal one as opposed to the pinky creamy one x

  3. Ooh still need to try out one of these products! Xxx

    1. still need to give you porefessional! I am a fail.


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