Sunday, 29 September 2013

Organic Surge skincare.

Hi ladies

Organic Surge isn't really a brand that was on my radar but then they had a 70% discount offer and that sort of discount definitely grabs my attention. 
Organic Surge products are 100% free of harsh chemicals – no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, no artificial fragrances or colourants and no genetically modified ingredients. And the very soul of Organic Surge lies in its charitable donations and hands-on work spanning many years.
All prices listed below will be the usual prices not the discounted prices I paid.

I bought myself a facewash (x2 by accident), cleansing lotion, body lotion, moisturiser and a body scrub.
From bottom to top: face wash, body lotion, cleansing lotion and moisturiser.
These sorts of  'swatches' might seem pointless but I think it helps to see the texture.
Daily Care Face Wash - £5.49
I annoyingly bought 2 of these without realising. Although this says it is for all skin types, I don't think it's great for dry skin. It doesn't leave my skin as hydrated as the sorts of cleansers I usually go for. However I like the pump packaging and think it would be good for oilier skinned lasses.

Gentle Cleansing Lotion - £5.99
I quite like this product. This is again designed for all skin types but I think it's a good one for dryer skin as it leaves my skin nicely hydrated. I don't use it to remove eye make-up as it isn't fun when you get it in your eye but I think it'll be good to remove face make up when my skin gets dryer this winter. It removes what I need to and is great for lazy nights when you just want to wipe things off with a cotton pad.

Fresh Ocean Light Body Lotion - £5.99
This has a thin, light texture with a really nice fresh scent. It does take a while to fully rub it in but it's a nice, no fuss body lotion.

Super Intensive Daily Moisturiser - £8.99

This is a much thicker consistency of moisturiser than I'm used too. It is targeted for dryer skin and I think it'll be great for the upcoming winter months to hydrate my flaky skin.

Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish - £32

How fancy is this packaging? It looks great in the bathroom, although it uses a lot of space on the bathroom shelf and gets quite sticky.

I thought I would instantly love the scent of this as it contains sweet brown sugar, orange oil and bergamot. However, the orange doesn't come through as much as I would like. This is the kind of body scrub that is gritty enough to do the job yet isn't harsh because of the oils. It leaves an oily residue on the skin which some people like so they don't have to moisturise and others (like my mum) find too greasy. I can't find this on the website any more but at £32 as nice as it is, it is very expensive.

Here are the sums, quite the bargain I'm sure you'll agree...

Order Summary

There are 6 items in your basket.
Sub total£63.95
Promotional Discount-£43.72
Order total:£20.23

Overall, there are some hits and misses for me but if you're looking for a 100% natural skincare brand at decent prices I would recommend you give Organic Surge a go. They might not have 70% off on a regular basis but I know they do have offers so maybe give them a follow on Twitter to keep up to date.

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My CARGO Cosmetics wins!

Hi ladies

So I was lucky enough to win a Twitter competition hosted by the lovely people at CARGO a while ago. To set the scene - my cousin was round my house, I got the notification and I screamed and ran around the room like a headless chicken. I never win competitions so this was a huge deal! A few days later these goodies came through the post. Although it may seem cheeky to criticise products when I was kindly given them as a prize - I am nothing but honest when it comes to reviews. So that having been noted, on we go...
I received a contour palette, lip gloss quad, eyeshadow quad and a mascara. I will be swatching them all for you today. I will leave the review of the mascara for another day though as I have some mascaras on the go and don't like opening new ones unless I'll be using them.

Contour Palette - 02 Monaco (£22)
The packaging is sleek in that it is thin and comes with a huge mirror. The outer part is that silver reflective material that is so anti-photographing.

The kit comes with a highlight, blush and contour shade - all of which are clearly labelled.

CARGO Contour Palette 02 Monaco swatches
I think the contour shade is most accurately reflected in this photo above. The other photos wash out the colour slightly.

  • Unfortunately the contour shade pretty much matches my skin colour so contouring with it is out of the question. 
  • The blusher is a shimmery peachy shade which on my skin takes a bit of building up and although shimmery blushes aren't really my thing this feels like a good quality blush.
  • The highlight shade is a completely different colour to other highlighters I have in my collection. It isn't the most subtle of highlights on me because of the contrast between the really light (almost white) coloured powder and my darker skin tone. I think I'll enjoy using this!

Overall, I think £22 is a very decent price to pay for a trio like this IF the shades work for you.

Lip Gloss Quad - Oceania (£15)
The lip gloss quad comes in a round, silver, lightweight tin. I thought at first it would be the cream blusher as that comes in the same packaging.
They have this quad in 3 different shades - Argentina seems peachier, whereas South Beach is more for the nude lovers. Oceania is the pinkest offering, with a deep purple to allow you to darken it up. Well that's the theory.

CARGO Lip Gloss Quad Oceania swatches

I should start by saying - I'm not really a gloss sort of girl. Especially not the palette variety but the colours looked really bright so I had high hopes for good colour pay off. Instead, I had to really build up the swatches and do a bit of editing to show you the colours. On a positive note, the soft and somewhat oily texture means it isn't at all sticky. I would describe these as high shimmer but low colour pay off.

Colour Eye Shadow Palette - Bermuda (£18)
The packaging for this is quite different from the rest of the range. I'm sure most people would like the design of this but personally it feels quite old fashioned to me.

This is a pretty little neutrals palette. A highlight shade, a medium brown with a cool undertone, a darker brown with a warmer undertone and a pinky shade. If you're a neutrals girl and need to go away for the weekend, this would be a lightweight and thin option to pop into your bag with a big mirror.

CARGO Colour Eye Shadow Palette Bermuda swatches

CARGO Colour Eye Shadow Palette Bermuda swatches

I don't have a lot to say about these. They look really glittery in the pan and I'm talking chunky glitter but the glitter doesn't really translate onto the lids. As soft as they are, I don't find they are pigmented enough to show up on me. It would take a lot of building up to get it to show up on my skin. I would therefore recommend this palette for those that don't mind the the effort it would require to make the colours appear more vibrant or those with fairer skin.

Overall, it doesn't seem my views are very positive. A lot of criticisms revolve around the products not being pigmented enough and maybe better suited for lighter skin. Having said that, I'm really grateful I won the competition and was given a chance to finally try some Cargo products after hearing rave reviews. I'm sure when I get the chance to choose products myself, they'll be better suited to my skin tone so I haven't written off the brand just yet. Thanks Cargo!

You can buy CARGO at the likes of BeautyBay and Debenhams..

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipliners for A/W 2013.

Hi ladies

On this wet and dreary afternoon, it seems very fitting that I'll be talking to you about some autumn/winter releases and waterproof ones at that. In August I was kindly sent some products from GOSH and these are definitely the products I've used the most (alongside the CC cream which will be getting a review of it's own). Whenever I've used some lip colour this past month, I've just chosen these all over the lips. These retail for £4.99 and come in 5 shades.

I personally think the GOSH packaging is very sleek. The prices can be higher than the usual high street prices (especially for base products) but I think that is really reflected in both the packaging and quality.

I was sent 3 colours - Antique Rose, Cardinal Red and Flirty Orange. I'll start off by saying, orange lips really aren't my thing but the other 2 colours could not be more spot on. 

GOSH velvet touch lipliners antique rose, cardinal red & flirty orange swatch
Top to Bottom: Flirty Orange, Cardinal Red & Antique Rose.
Antique Rose is my perfect everyday lip colour. I've recently started a new job and this is perfect for a hint of colour. I think it is a great 'nude' for those with a darker skintone but would be just as pretty on fairer skin.

Cardinal Red is more of a pinkier red than a fire engine or dark red. This could easily pass as an everyday colour too if applied lightly or you can layer it for a more intense evening look.

The orange isn't something I would wear but for those looking for a true orange lip liner, here you go!
I think the hand swatches above are a more accurate reflection of the shades
These are described as intense, waterproof colour pigmentation and I agree. It glides on the lips and leaves a matte look which I think looks very sophisticated but after a few hours wear I definitely need to have a little wipe to avoid those dreaded rings forming in my inner lip.

All in all these get a big thumbs up from me!

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Monday, 9 September 2013

Collection Eyeshadow Pencil.

Hi ladies

It seems the High Street is filling up with these sorts of eyeshadow pencils. Everything is getting jumbo sized, from lip products to eye products. I am hoping to pick up a few from different brands and do a comparison post but for now I received this Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil in Hot Chocolate. You can pick this up for £3.19 which is one of the cheaper eyeshadow pencils you can pick up. Collection have completely rebranded from the Collection 2000 of yesteryear and on a separate note I am looking forward to the future collections that I caught a glimpse of at the Pegasus Beauty Event.
I think the reason why people like these pencils is because of how convenient and easy they are. Pop on a primer, 'colour in' your eyelid, blend it out and pop out of the door. On the other hand, you can use them to build up an elaborate look, using creamy and powder textures together to create a statement.
In terms of packaging there isn't much to say but I like that the different shades have different coloured packaging and there's a transparent lid. Thin and very light to pop into your bag should you need to travel with it.

The thing that instantly hit me when I first swatched these pencils was just how creamy they were. They glide on like silk (wow I'm beginning to annoy myself with these clichés) and are packed with pigment! When I applied and blended on my lids, this had a hint of purply grey (is that taupe then?) to it as opposed to a typical chocolate colour. As you can see with the swatch above it also leaves a metallic/foil sort of effect.

The ultimate test for me is lasting power and the collection ones are really good in this department. They definitely need a primer and I use the UDPP but once that's done they don't crease any quicker than other more expensive creamy products out there. In fact, they are waterproof and seem to set after a bit and even after lots (and lots) of rubbing at my arm to remove the swatches, they barely budged (bare in mind arms and lids are completely different things). 

Bottom to Top: Vanilla Sky, Vintage Blush, Gunmetal Glitz, Hot Chocolate, Denim Diva, Midnight Glam
There are 6 shades in the range. They have a great base/highlight shade, this brown neutral, a particularly gorgeous blue and a sort of gunmetal grey/black to smoke up the look. The shade range is very limited but other than that, they get a thumbs up from me.

Are you a fan of these types of pencils?

Till next time...Toodles! :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

ELF Lip Exfoliator

Hi ladies

I thought this was quite an innovative product from ELF. I have used lip scrubs in the form of sugar scrubs in pots a la Lush but never one in the form of a lipstick bullet. This retails for £3.75 for 4.4g of product.

ELF says: Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalised feel. 

In short, this is quite a nifty product. At first I found it didn't do much in the form of scrubbing and just left my lips nourished with the oils. However, once I used it a few times, it became grittier without being too harsh. It isn't messy either and can be quickly used before you apply lipstick instead of having to be over the sink. There are very few tiny bits left on your lips which can easily be wiped away and it leaves behind a nice scent/taste along with moisture from the oils.
If you're making an ELF order and want to bulk up the order or looking to try something new, I'd recommend giving this a go.

Till next time...Toodles! :)