Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Dermalogica facial at Shumaila's salon!

Hi ladies

Last week, I was kindly invited along to Shumaila's Hair & Beauty Salon in Gants Hill by the lovely Sheefa. They have 4 locations across East London and Essex. I went along for a Deep Cleansing Dermalogica Facial which would usually cost £35.

The actual salon was nice. It looked clean, had a simple layout and staff had matching purple uniforms which gave it an air of professionalism. There was also soothing, spa type music playing in the background. Shumaila's offer countless treatments from botox, hair removal to haircuts.

I was welcomed by the lovely Nadiea, who was also the therapist that gave me the facial. I was offered tea and coffee while I waited for her to set things up. She asked me what skin type I had and what my concerns were. I told her I had dry skin and congested pores on my nose. She also asked about allergies and back problems (which became clear later).

She led me to a private room where the treatment took place. It was a fairly small room but more than adequate for the facial. I was asked to lay down and was given a blanket and towel to cover myself. Nadiea started by using the pre-cleanse. Once she had cleansed my skin, she covered my eyes with cotton pads and used a bright light to closely inspect my skin. I was really intrigued by her diagnosis of my skin. We all know I go on about having dry skin but turns out it's more dehydrated than dry with an oily t-zone. Although she said it wasn't in a bad condition she noticed congestion on my nose and some pigmentation from the sun.

After cleansing and exfoliating, she steamed my face and used a tool to squeeze out all the greasy bits that had clogged my pores. Not going to lie, this might be a bit too painful for the more sensitive out there but it felt satisfying knowing what must be coming out. She then gave me a nice face and shoulder/back massage which just felt amazing. Nadiea then put on a treatment in the areas I had pigmentation and a masque to give my skin some hydration. She left this on for a while during which I almost fell asleep. After wiping it all off, she finished by mixing a bit of spf and a normal moisturiser and with that the facial was over. I was in quite a daze from being so relaxed after it had ended. Nadiea was very knowledgeable about the the products and gave me lots of advice and recommendations based on my skin type including to always wear an spf!

Overall, I loved the facial! I was having a browse of their deals page and the Dermalogica Age Smart Facial is currently on offer for £25 so if you live anywhere close by, I would thoroughly recommend it. A week later I can still see the effects and the ultimate compliment is that I haven't used a pore minimising primer since the facial. A big deal. I'm going to try and get a facial done every few months now ;)

Shumaila's also stock a range of Dermalogica products that you can buy there or online at beauty900. During my facial, Nadiea used:
  1. Precleanse - £11.50
  2. Essential cleansing solution - £22.50
  3. Daily microfoliant - £38.50
  4. Revitalising additive
  5. Massage cream
  6. Chromo-white complex (for pigmentation)
  7. Multivitamin power recover masque - £33.50
  8. Intensive Moisture Balance (£35) mixed with Solar Defence Booster spf 50 (£36).
I was kindly sent the microfoliant and the daytime radiance kit. This post might become too long if I review these so I will leave that for another time. For now I wanted to say if you're interested in Dermalogica, the beauty900 website is offering free samples with every order and free UK delivery.
Have you ever had a facial or do you have any DIY tips? Do share in the comments.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. I love going for a facial. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing time! x

  2. This sounds so good! I'd love to try a facial some day.

  3. I don't think I have ever been for a facial before. Sounds like you have a fabulous time!

  4. It's been quite awhile since I had my last facial, definitely thinking of booking another.


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