Thursday, 11 September 2014

My trip to Paris!

Hi ladies

A month ago (wow I can't believe it's been a month already) my cousins and I went for a 3 day trip to Pariiiiii. I had a great time and we managed to do everything we needed to but it was super super busy. In hindsight, an extra day would have been perfect to account for the hours and hours of queuing. Over 2 hours of queuing for the Eiffel Tower so TOP TIP book your ticket beforehand online! If you can't do that, go first thing in the morning or late afternoon like 5pm.

This is going to be a post of photos of Paris itself and my haul will come in a future post or it'll just get a bit too much. I no longer put my face on my blog so I have never really done an outfit post (it has nothing to do with my lack of fashion sense) but I took a few photos of my outfit for you to see.

Standard blogger photo. I bought the book for half price at the station in WHSmith and I'm yet to finish it. The sunglasses are from TKMaxx. That is all the make up I took with me and the GOSH make up bag is perfect for that.
These aren't all mine don't worry.
This is the pharmacie right next to our hotel (I'm talking right next door). They were everywhere.
A little bakery type shop opposite the hotel. The French know what they're doing.
This was our first lunch (we might as well be in Italy). This was a cheapish restaurant in Place de Clichy.
 We stayed at the source hotel which was right outside Porte de Saint-Ouen. So so convenient! We got it for a good price and it did the job. Small but clean and perfectly located.

Hijab - whitechapel market
floral jacket - TKMaxx
Sunglasses - TKMaxx
Black skirt - Primark
Locket -
More pastries. They definitely do it right.
My maxi is from Dorothy Perkins. I got it in the sale for £20. It's lightweight and cotton. The sweater is from Primark and the hijab is from whitechapel market.
Check me out getting all artistic with the selective focus setting on my s5.
Views from the Eiffel Tower after queueing for over 2 hours!

The basilica of the sacré cœur was beautiful! I would love to go back and just have a picnic on the grass outside it. The view from the hill was fab and free too.

Arc de triomphe - we genuinely didn't understand how to get to the middle at first so we just made a run for it.
We somehow managed to bypass all the stairs and snuck in the lift. WIN!
We had dessert at Laduree! I was happy with my strawberry concoction but my cousins weren't too impressed with theirs. We loved the macaroons though.
The Eiffel Tower was beautiful by night. I never got to see it twinkle though (apparently it happens on the hour) which was saddening.
Poncho (which was not waterproof at all) from Primark. On the lovelock bridge with a view of the Notre Dame.
Notre Dame. It was beautiful and calm inside.
Yummy yummy!
My buddy Mona. The swarms of people near this painting was incredible.
We queued for over 2 hours for The Louvre.  Again, time this carefully.
Here is me fixing the belt on my jumpsuit. I love this jumpsuit which I bought on sale from Mango. Hijab from New Look.
 So that was my trip to Paris with my amazing cousins. I would thoroughly recommend this city!

Here are some tips from my cousins and I:
  • Give yourself a bit of time to fully enjoy everything and if you're going in peak season, be prepared to queue. The timing can have a big impact on how long you wait and if possible book beforehand.
  • We noticed that Paris would be difficult for those less able to walk/in wheelchairs to manoeuvre so bare this in mind. There were lots of stairs and not many ramps.
  • Go before you turn 25 I'd say (sorry if you're already above this age). There were lots of free entrances for people under 25. I didn't pay for the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe and we paid less for the Eiffel Tower.

So...where would you recommend I go next? My post about Lake District is coming soon. Hope you enjoy these travel posts.

Till next time...Toodles! :)


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. It brings back happy memories from my Paris trip in May. We booked a tour of the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre in advance and did not have to wait in any queues so I definitely recommend booking tickets in advance to save time :)

  3. You have some stunning pictures, this has really made me want to go to Paris!

  4. i am yet to have the pleasure my dear glad you had fun x

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time!


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